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Using a Transactional Law Expert Witness to Get Ahead in Litigation

Transactional law experts may be utilized for litigation through disputes, class actions with securities, intellectual property violations and family law through a variety of documents and interactions between parties. Those with a strong background in the field of disputes and similar matters may be experts in transactional law cases.

Transactional expert witnesses are often those students in law school that chose another route than the defense, prosecution or litigation paths. The life of a transactional lawyer, expert and other professional is usually dissimilar from the general lawyer found in the courtroom. However, with knowledge in these processes, procedures and methods used with witnesses and evidence, a transactional professional may be better equipped to deal with a legal representative than other experts. This could provide a stronger relationship between the two and create a lasting friendship for use in the future, or to explain to the court why a victim should receive compensation.

Many that have studied transactional law go on to teach, become part of a business or assist in expert matters with courts. Some branch off and become consultants. For some lawyers, transactional law is the path they take to secure a future in these processes. Deals, arrangements, business transactions and interactions with legal procedures are all managed by a transactional law expert or lawyer. For a greater jump start for litigation, these professionals are the perfect hire to assist with claims and various processes throughout each stage. They may have the information necessary to explain to the client what will occur along the way until the end.

Expert Witnesses in Transactional Processes

Experts are hired often to explain certain processes and evidence for clarity, understanding and to connect it to other variables of the case. However, a transactional expert is someone with a background in the methods, processes and procedures to assist the lawyer and client. He or she has the information and knowledge in progressing the case further due to this expertise. The transactions are better understood through the professional helping the entire team. An example could include when certain papers require a specific official’s signature. If the transaction is only known to a few persons, without the expert’s help, the lawyer and client may not know who to contact.

While lawyers that become experts in transactional aspects of a case may not provide as much testimony about evidence and numerous other issues as usual, they may explain to the courtroom how various transactions mean something specific. If a person checked out evidence to corrupt the case, this expert may discover who did this, why and how it affected the claim. Similarly, the professional hired in this capacity may assist the lawyer in revealing other liability parties and showing the judge or jury how certain situations apply when they may have been undiscovered or hidden previously. It is the transactional expert that becomes invaluable through his or her actions and behavior.

The Expert in Transactional Processes

There is a myriad of procedures, methods and processes used in legal systems. Whether the matter is for a single state, throughout the country or global in scale, a transactional expert may have the knowledge and experience needed to assist with matters. When someone specific needs communication with other parties, this expert may have the number or know who to contact. If an international incident has transpired, the transactional expert could know what authorities are involved and how to interact with them. Additional considerations are needed for paperwork and regulations between nations. The International Criminal Court procedures require certain policies and laws followed when involved as well.

For litigation matters, the transactional law expert could file daily documents and assist with filing motions, prepare depositions, participate in discovery processes, help with the trial preparations and testimony, explain how negations work for the client and aid in arguments between parties. If the lawyer is busy, this expert may have the information to share with the client so he or she is aware of what will happen next. These professionals know about business structures and are able to detail terms and conditions for company matters.

The Transactional Law Expert Testimony

Working in conjunction with the lawyer, transactional law expert witnesses give testimony about various matters with litigation and criminal law procedures. Their help is most beneficial for a variety of issues, and they have the experience and knowledge with the courtroom to provide testimony effectively. Their demeanor is peaceful and encourages confidence.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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