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Vertebrae Injuries that Occur During Newborn Delivery Explained by Expert Witness

Medical malpractice often needs the assistance of an expert witness due to the complexities and medical procedures that occur during surgery and other processes. When the vertebra is damaged during a newborn delivery, someone with a healthcare background should be hired to assist with the investigation and understanding of evidence.

Expert witnesses are invaluable to many different cases and claims, but when the matter involves medical procedures, surgery and malpractice, it is important that these persons are hired quickly to unravel the complex nature of the matter. This means that someone that has extensive experience in medical concerns with knowledge of jargon, processes and documentation should become part of the case quickly. The injuries sustained during the newborn delivery could alter the life of the child drastically for the rest of his or her developing years. If the boy or girl survives the delivery, it is possible that he or she could later develop serious defects or issues.

Injuries during medical procedures are not uncommon, and surgery or delivery could result in the injury of the child, mother or both. The documentation and record of these processes could be enough
to show that the damage could not have been avoided, but it may also show that standard guidelines and practices were not followed as they should have been during the event. If the physician, nurse or other staff is responsible for the incident, this could leave the individual, facility and administration open to liability in the case. This could mean extensive compensation owed to the mother or child.

The Injuries in Newborn Deliveries

When certain tools, equipment or nonstandard procedures are used, the vertebrae could be fractured, dislocated and severed. The usual instances when the infant has been injured are due to excessive force being applied. The body of a newborn is fragile, still developing and small. When more than minimal force has been applied to this body, many injuries could occur. Handling the back and neck could lead to damage to the spine or individual vertebrae. If a fracture is the result of the tools or force, this could cause a curved spine, a posture that is always leaning or other life-altering changes.

Most fractures affect other areas such as the shoulders, face and the rest of the back. These injuries tend to place undue strain on other locations in the body that may alter it so that other complications could arise. Infection and sepsis may take place if there is additional difficulty in the injury. This means that there is a much higher chance that the child may not survive the physical damage. If the vertebrae are severed or wounded enough, it could cause the head to lose support and brain damage is likely. Additional surgery or treatment is often necessary due to these issues.

The Expert Witness in Newborn Vertebrae Injuries

When the newborn baby has been injured during his or her delivery, these issues with the spine and individual vertebra become complicated and difficult to understand for many. An expert medical witness is often hired to explain these problems, how they affect the child and why compensation is necessary. The additional medical treatments to correct any conditions acquired during the initial delivery are expensive and take time. If they cannot resolve the matter, the baby will need healthcare assistance throughout his or her life. This means therapy and possibly monitoring for years if not his or her entire development. Without compensation, the youth may not live through his or her early years.

An expert witness applies his or her working medical knowledge of the injuries, procedures during and after that helps the child and what would be needed to make the family whole. With this information, it may be possible to seek full and reasonable compensation against the hospital, doctor or other staff that caused the damage to specific vertebrae. This means an increased chance of success through testimony with an expert witness. Through explaining the procedure, standard practices and how the force is what causes the physical trauma, the expert witness is able to prove negligence, medical malpractice or other concerns.,

The Medical Expert Witness in Vertebrae Injuries

Most expert witnesses hired for cases of delivery incidents have an extensive past filled with medical study, practical experience and field work. This could mean that the person hired was a doctor, prenatal nurse or had a similar job. With this background, he or she better understands the incident and why compensation is necessary.

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