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There are many important steps between getting visitors to your website and turning them into new business for your law firm.

There are numerous links in the chain of getting new clients from the Web. If any one of these links is weak, or severed, your chances of having success will be notably reduced:

Site visitors

Law practice web marketing has to start out with visitors. Needless to say, if you don’t get targeted visitors to your website, it is quite not likely that you will be able to get new clients. But site visitors for the sake of page views isn’t enough. If visitors for your site aren’t looking for the material or services that you provide, they will likely leave, or bounce off, your site without taking any action. Therefore, your site site visitors need to be targeted. Targeted traffic to your law firm website is the first link in the law firm net marketing and advertising chain.

Qualified prospects

Sales opportunities, or conversions, are the portion of targeted visitors that takes some sort of action on your law firm site. A conversion might be a phone call to your firm, a request for a consultation, or some other informational request (i.e. whitepaper, guide, e-book). Having several well-placed calls to action, will increase the likelihood of a visitor converting into a lead. Converting targeted traffic into qualified prospects is the second link in the law firm web marketing and advertising chain.


Ultimately, in order to get a positive return on investment, your law firm online marketing and advertising efforts must generate new clients. While having visitors and leads is a fantastic start, those prospects have to turn into new revenue for your law firm. The likelihood of your law firm websites site visitors turning into a new client for your law firm depends on all these links working effectively and efficiently.

If you’re not getting visitors, then your conversion optimization is meaningless. If you’re not converting targeted visitors into sales opportunities, then your monthly visitor metrics become meaningless. Finally, your phone could be ringing off the hook but if those calls aren’t looking for the services that you provide, again, your law firm web advertising and marketing is probably failing.

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