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What an Expert Witness Does in Accident Reconstruction Cases

Experts hired for accidents often reconstruct the incident from the beginning to the end where the collision occurred. There are various factors evaluated during these processes which assist in understanding how the collision occurs, and the expert is able to connect certain elements to the defendant or plaintiff to assist in proving the need for compensation.

Accident reconstruction is necessary for many incidents, collisions and various other problems that end in injury. The expert’s experience and knowledge applied to these claims are helpful in determining what actually occurred. Even the plaintiff and defendant may not have a clear awareness of the events or what caused the initial issue that ended in the collision. When the expert’s methods assist in analyzing the scene, the evidence becomes essential. These little details are beneficial in discovering the culprit, who is responsible and if compensation is possible based on these factors. It is through an expert witness that the claim becomes understandable to the judge and jury.

The Role of the Expert Witness

When an accident occurs, the expert is often tasked with reconstructing the collision. There are various elements that may provide a better
understanding of the foundation for the accident. Some of these may include weather, eroding roads, high speeds, ice or water on the roadways and poor judgement of either driver. Some factors may arise during the reconstruction such as sleep apnea or other health conditions, medication or illicit drugs and even alcohol. Applying these issues to the incident, the expert is then able to determine who caused the wreck and how much in compensation is necessary for the victim to recover.

The Reconstruction of an Accident

To ascertain the liability and what damages owed to which person, the expert may need to reconstruct the incident from the beginning until the parties left the scene. This involves understanding multiple aspects and researching the numerous elements at play. If any weather issues occurred during the incident, these may become important. Any road construction, defects of materials arounds or in the vehicles and internal factors along with the drivers are all part of these proceedings. The expert will use his or her knowledge of the incident and evidence to proceed with recreating the incident. Extensive witness statement analysis occurs during the reconstruction.

Reconstruction often involves a report. This includes the opinions of the professional, visual aids for his or her assistance as well as to explain to the judge or jury how certain factors are part of the scene. The conclusion may detail what he or she believes caused the wreck and how the victim or defendant connected to the case affect the conclusion. This usually includes liability, payment of compensation for pain and suffering or other expenses and similar details. By explaining the factors of the case to the judge or jury, it is possible to ensure these individuals are fully informed about the claim and accident data.

How the Reconstruction Helps

By recreating the incident, the expert is able to understand various pieces of information and evidence better. This provides a basis of explaining these details to the judge or jury. By reviewing each stage of the collision, the professional may uncover numerous factors that could lead to knowledge about who is responsible for the incident and if any other elements exist such as defects or another party. By reconstructing the incident, it is possible to determine which person or company may also have involvement in the incident. Sometimes, a third-party vendor or business caused the wreck or is part of the problem.

Accidents that occur due to defects, defective materials or design flaws are among some of the most important the expert may assess. These defects supply the professional with a foundation for why and how the collision occurred. Any manufacture involved in these matters may become a defendant when the reconstruction shows that the company was either the culprit for the accident or caused the disaster through inferior or defective products. The materials used in the car could break apart or stick when they should bend.

Expert Testimony in Accident Reconstruction

Through examination and careful observations in reconstruction cases, the expert will then testify about his or her conclusions. His or her details may inform the judge or jury about the factors and elements involved in these claims. The information about compensation will connect the plaintiff to a lack of work, medical bills piling up or pain and suffering from the injuries sustained.

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