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When Multiple Expert Witnesses are Needed for a Case

Hiring multiple expert witnesses for a single case is beneficial when the matter is either complicated or includes more than one single aspect of a claim. This may occur through using economic impact combined with a car accident, personal injury cases and medical experts for assistance as well as a variety of similar circumstances.

While one expert witness is explaining one element of the issue, the other details how certain issues affect the victim of the situation. By combining knowledge and expertise in this matter, the judge or jury members understand the matter more clearly. This enables a more informed decision to base the end judgment on.

Some cases are complex with multiple facets to the issue. While a single expert witness may be capable of explaining the problems on his or her own, it is best to ensure only one expert witness is used for a field of study to provide a more comprehensive report of the matter. Different industries also have numerous codes and regulations that each expert must concentrate on to provide the most accurate and best information. Though adding more persons to the case does complicate it, these additional professionals are often necessary to ensure
the best outcome is possible. These benefits may be seen through observing the judge when the reports are provided by the experts.

Benefits of Multiple Expert Witnesses

While a lawyer or client may want to limit the amount of persons involved in the case so that it does not become too complicated or incur too many fees, hiring multiple expert witnesses is frequently needed based on numerous subjects involved in the matter. This assists in developing credibility of each professional, additional testimony to the case, more explanations that detail the different ways the incident affects the victim as well as evidence that is clarified by an expert in the subject. Each professional added to the case has a narrowed field of study to apply to the numerous elements that split the case in different directions.

If for some reason one of the experts makes some mistake that causes his or her testimony to become not credible, an additional professional may be able to restate the information to provide a manner of regaining some of the credibility of the first expert. Hiring multiple expert witnesses may also be done to compound testimony such as when there is an injury and medical professionals are needed. Each person builds upon the last with healthcare details and relevant information. This often assists in building a stronger foundation for the case presented by the lawyer for much needed compensation. It is possible in certain instances that an incomplete report may be made valid and legitimate by another expert witness that adds to the data.

More than One Testimony

There are some cases where the testimony of one expert is not usable or is thrown out for one reason or another. In these situations, it is best that another professional is on hand to provide the information that is needed so a judge or jury understand the primary points about the subject that should be heard and fully comprehended. However, if more than one expert witness is able to give his or her opinion based on the evidence and facts of the claim, this means that one individual may bolster the other through defining key points, providing a consistent narrative about the same information and emphasize the elements of the case that should be detailed and remembered.

Communication and the Expert Witness

Because the more persons attached to a case the more complicated it becomes, it is important that communication is active and up to date. Each professional that is assigned to certain details should ensure that the other experts are in the loop and understand what is going on with which information and reports. Additionally, contacting the client should be constant to guarantee certain facts are verified, evidence has been validated and other relevant witness testimony has been recorded. Each of these may assist the expert witness in making his or her final conclusion about the subject. To not explain the same statistics or data, each expert witness should converse about his or her testimony with the other. This may help corroborate or build upon each other.

Expert witnesses are necessary for many cases with complicated subject matter, multiple facets and when only one professional is only able to explain one aspect of the incident. Having more of these persons detail out the full clear picture aids the judge or jury in understanding why compensation is needed, how injuries occurred or who is responsible for the matter.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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