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Why Men Should Never Undergo Brow Lifts

Lifting the brow in men will more than likely have deleterious effects on their appearance.

Men with low slung eyebrows may believe that having a brow lift would enhance their appearance but the reverse is much more likely. If they do undergo the surgery the eyebrows will be elevated which can result in a surprised or "scared" appearance, both of which are unflattering.

If we look at photographs of men who have been regarded by the public as having a handsome or 'sexy' appearance such as celebrity actors or even those who have been given "The sexiest man alive" accolades, some interesting observations emerge.

Invariably those men who have been highly regarded in the above categories have low sitting eyebrows which is often accompanied by full upper eyelids.

For some reason this "sleepy" or "bed-room" eyed appearance, is regarded by our society as imbuing the male with some intrigue or attractive quality.

On the contrary, if males wish to undergo gender transformation, the eyebrow lifting and 'arching' of the eyebrows which can be accomplished by brow lifting, may be of value.

If upper eyelid fullness is unattractive or drooping of the upper eyelids is effecting the 'field of vision' then upper eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty may be indicated.

By Medico Legal Consultants of Arizona
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Expert Witness, Disability Evaluation & IMEs-Board Certified
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chasby Sacks, M.D., C.I.M.E., M.B. B.Ch., F.A.A.C.S. Medico Legal Consultants of Arizona
40 years in Practice as Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. Medical Expert Witness. Disability Evaluation and I.M.E,s.

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