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Complete Guide for the Expert Witness

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about becoming an expert witness and serving in this role. You will learn about how to qualify as an expert witness, how to provide effective testimony, various reports you may use as an expert witness and liability issues related to serving in this role. We also discuss expert witness best practices.

  • How to Become an Expert Witness

    This guide will discuss the requirements to be recognized as an expert witness in state and federal courts. It will discuss the experience, education and skill necessary to achieve this status. It will also inform you about training and mentoring options and the different roles of consulting and testifying expert witnesses. It will also discuss the Frye and Daubert standards, the most prevailing standards in accepting a witness as an expert in court.

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  • Expert Witness Training, Qualifications and Certifications

    Expert witnesses may need certification and additional training to keep up with the wants and needs of lawyers that hire these professionals for various cases.

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  • Expert Witness Standards and Best Practices

    This guide will discuss tips, techniques and strategies for providing useful testimony and insight. It will discuss the importance of remembering that the jury is your audience, how to effectively use scientific data in the courtroom and how to use technology to help explain your testimony. It will also discuss standards regarding expert witness opinions and how to prepare for trial.

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  • Providing an Effective Expert Witness Testimony

    This guide will provide you with information about how you can successfully deliver effective testimony at depositions and in court. It will discuss how to ensure that your testimony is admitted in court and tools that you can use to maximize your testimony. It will also discuss factors courts weigh when considering the strength and credibility of expert witness testimony.

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  • Preparing Expert Witness Reports

    This guide will discuss various reports that you may prepare as part of your role as an expert witness. It will also discuss best practices in preparing these reports, their structure and their value. Additionally, it will discuss how to write an expert report. Learn about common pitfalls related to the preparation of these reports and how to avoid them. It will discuss standards and admissibility issues related to these reports.

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  • Expert Witnesses and Liability Issues

    This guide will discuss when an expert witness can be sued, when liability issues may arise and potential legal complications with serving as an expert witness. It will also discuss insurance options and methods that you can use to guard yourself against possible liability issues.

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