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The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing to accommodate the trends of society and changes in technology. That is why it’s wise for your law firm to be consistently reviewing your digital marketing strategies.

Law Firm Reviews: A Quick Guide

Provided by: MileMark Media, LLC
Dealing with the good and bad of reviews as a law firm, or any business, can be tough but often rewarding. It is great when a business offers a product the public needs, does a good job, and is promoted as such. In the legal industry, reviews can be volatile, usually very good or very bad with not much in between. We at MileMark Media designed this quick guide to give our insight on the review process.

Are Expert Directories a Good Marketing Tool for Expert Witnesses in Psychiatry and Psychology?

Provided by: ForensicExpertPro
In Forensic Fellowship you doubtless never had a conversation about Marketing, how to get work, or available resources to do so. You should know about navigating Expert Directories and Referral Services--or if they are a good idea in your field. "I don't know how" is the most common plea I hear from the recently Board-Certified. In fact, I hear it from Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists at all points in their careers.

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Legal Content

Provided by: MileMark Media, LLC
Content is king, at least that is what all the digital marketing and SEO blogs say. It can sometimes be a daunting task to come up with unique, engaging content that is not repetitive of your existing content or competitors, especially in the legal industry. However, there are content opportunities everywhere, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Here are five tips for creating engaging legal content:

SEO Strategies: Top 5 Ways to Improve Law Firm's Marketing Online

Provided by: DataFlurry
What are you doing to ensure your law firm stays ahead of the competition? Like most owners, you've probably turned to online marketing. Smart move, but with almost every law firm taking their marketing online, the digital landscape is getting crowded! The simple solution is to keep improving your law firm marketing efforts online.

What Keyword Do I Use? Attorney, Lawyer or Law Firm

Provided by: MileMark Media, LLC
When performing keyword research for your legal SEO campaign, one of the simplest but actually complex questions may be, what keyword do I use, attorney, lawyer or law firm.

Distinctive Law Firm Web Design Tips That Will Help You Stand Out

Provided by: DataFlurry
Tired of generic web design advice? Then check out these law firm website design tips to help your site stand out.

Sick of Online Marketing? Here’s Five Non-Traditional Ways to Market Your Law Firm

If one didn’t know better, one would think that the only way to market a law practice would be through online means. We are all bombarded with daily messages warning us that if we do not work on optimizing our site, we will fall off Google’s radar.

Create an Awesome Attorney Bio with These 7 Content Secrets

The most important part of your company’s website is your attorney bio.  This is your opportunity to make an impression and tell your hero story – the one that will make prospects choose you over your competitors and existing clients tell their entire network how great you are. To create this awesome bio, you need a blueprint and we’ve got you covered.  Here you go:

Six Biggest Mistakes with Law Firm Website Content

While you may think the content on your law firm’s website is not all that important because most people don’t take the time to read it, you need to realize what you write can go a long way in both attracting and turning off potential clients.  If you want your site to do what it is supposed to do - reach and engage visitors - you should review your content to make sure you are not making some of the common mistakes discussed below.

Building Your Law Firm's Business with 10 Social Media Hacks

There's an easy way for law firms to think about social media. Instead of a vast, overwhelming network of talking heads, social media is one thing and one thing only for businesses: Opportunity.

How to Get Potential Clients to Engage with Your Website Content

If you’ve done any research, read any articles, had any conversations with your web marketing vendor, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is King”. You may have asked yourself – What does that mean?

4 Ways Law Firms Can Stay Proactive on the Web

When it comes to your online presence, making sure your law firm stays proactive is crucial to keeping up with your competition and keeping your Internet Marketing goals in check.

Google’s Featured Snippets: How to Make Your Content Stand Out in SERPs

Google has been rolling out its featured snippets function for some time now, and it has the internet marketing world buzzing.

Why Social Media Is Critical for Your Client Acquisition Strategy

Social media has proven itself to be quite effective in helping firms shape their brand’s reputation. That’s why today, a well-designed, SEO-considerate website should be complemented by a purposeful social media presence. It’s important to reach out to clients in ways that people do nowadays – through social media channels.

Long Form Content Doesn't Have to Be Boring

While 500+ word pages may have been your goal in the past, long form content pages (pages with 2,000 words or more) are now becoming the norm for sites looking to outrank their competition.  This means that if you want to increase your SEO rankings and move to the top, you may need to rethink your content strategy. 

Law Hub - Creating Good Content to Be Shared and Used

Good content wins new clients.  You need to become a thought leader in your practice niche to earn new clients online.  One way that lawyers can establish themselves as an authority on the web is through a “Law Hub,” a group of web content pages that exhaustively covers a specific topic or practice area.

How Great Lawyers Can Use Videos and Social Media to Get Their Message Across In 30 Seconds Or Less: Part 1

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and media is now intertwined with people’s daily lives. In the first of this two part series, we’ll examine how lawyers can use social media to convey their message. With an in-depth explanation of how social media can be an asset to your business, you’ll see how you can use this rapidly growing platform to get the clients you need.

Social Media: A Powerful Vehicle for Driving Your Business

Five Easy Tips to Attract New Business and Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition According to statistics recently cited by Business Insider, nearly 20 percent of time spent online across desktop and mobile devices is on social media.

Five Tips to Help Avoid Delays in the Content Writing Process

Whether you are starting from scratch or revamping an existing website, writing content requires hard work, dedication and excellent planning.  Delays in the writing process are one of the primary reasons websites are unable to launch on time.  If you want to avoid content-related delays, below are five tips to help you keep your writing process on track.

SEO for Lawyers: Grow Your Firm with Search Engine Optimization

Provided by:
As attorneys grapple with increasing online competition, changing consumer shopping behavior, and technical barriers related to online marketing, the need for search engine optimization education is evident.

Four Suggestions For How Small Firms and Solo Practitioners Can Better Connect with their Readers

If you are a small law firm or a solo practitioner, competition can be tough. Depending on your location and practice specialty, there may be more than a hundred law firms in the area trying to attract the same types of clients. While you probably already have a website up and running and may even be using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to market your firm, you may be asking yourself whether anyone is really taking the time to read what you are writing.

10 SEO Questions All Attorneys Ask

Provided by:
At we work with a lot of lawyers. During our onboarding process for a client, there are always questions about services, about SEO, and about the whole process. We pooled together some of the most common ones for this post.

Four Ways to Extend the Life of Your Marketing Initiatives

Journalists used to say that a story had “legs” if the topic promised to be far reaching or warranted extensive ongoing coverage. Similarly, many kinds of marketing activities have legs that might allow law firms to extend the depth and breadth of their efforts -- often without incurring much, if any additional cost.

5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

For thousands of years, humans have used the written word to tell stories, express ideas and communicate perspectives. It’s no wonder then that copy plays a substantial role from a marketing standpoint. Think of copywriting as a sales strategy, with you, the writer, as the salesperson. Your copy needs to sell, otherwise, there’s no point. Yet, many writers make mistakes that lead to lower conversion rates. Below are 5 common content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Conversion Review Checklist: 67 Things to Check on Your Law Firm Website

When you're looking to increase conversions on your website, it's important to understand what to look for. Something as simple as a bad photo, poor headline or misplaced contact form can derail your conversions. When the PaperStreet team does a conversion review on any website we start with the following comprehensive list.

How to Mess-Up your AdWords Pay-Per-Click Campaign in 10 Easy Steps

The following are common miscues when you set up your law firm PPC campaign. If you're a law firm setting up its first AdWords campaign, then you will want to avoid these steps to improve your conversions.

The Managing Partner’s Nightmare: Leaving Money on the Table

One of the biggest concerns expressed by managing partners is a fear that they are leaving money on the table. By this, they are usually referring to the fact that clients are associating the firm with specific areas of focus, rather than as a resource for resolving any of a number of legal matters. This is typically seen in the client who contracts with a law practice for one legal matter and then walks down the street to contract with another regarding a different legal concern.

The Secret to Creating a Strong Brand

These days, website growth is on the rise and competitive companies are constantly updating their sites. In the midst of all this, what is the one factor that can differentiate you from the competition? How are you different and what is your differentiating factor? It all boils down to your brand. But what encompasses your brand?

Holiday Posts for Lawyers

Every year around the holidays, many attorneys struggle to come up with just the right words to share with their clients (and potential clients) in keeping with the festive holiday season. Of course, it is natural for lawyers to wish the best for all their clients regardless of whether they observe a particular holiday or not. But how do you get a potential client’s attention during the often fast-paced holiday season? Write a few holiday posts that are related to your primary practice areas!

Omnivore: Take Two - How to Get Your List Accepted by MailChimp's Abuse Prevention System

Our last post about MailChimp’s automated abuse prevention systems, lovingly referred to as Omnivore, might have left you saying “UH, thanks for the 411…but how exactly does this affect me?” Never fear, PaperStreet is here to let you know how Omnivore might wiggle its way into your life on the interwebs.

New Link Building: Take Your Web Presence to the Next Level

In order to stay competitive, it is important to engage in building a better web presence for your firm. This means improving your relevancy and authority for your website (and sometimes usability). Our internet marketing plans are also about forming a partnership to grow your business. By following our guidelines and investing in new content, links and upgrades, you can succeed long-term.

How to Pitch a Publication: A Guide to Getting Published for Attorneys, Part I – Researching Media Outlets

Publishing articles is an excellent way to boost your online authority, establish yourself as a thought leader in your practice area and drive traffic to your website. Publishing in today’s leading media outlets involves more than just sending your article to the outlet and hoping it will be published. Most editors require you to pitch your idea before they will assign a story. Writing the article is the easy part; landing the article assignment is harder.

What You Should Consider When Writing Content for Your Practice Area Pages

While almost every law firm website includes a “practice areas” section, many law firms wonder what kind of content they should be covering on their practice area pages. Like any other portion of your website, if you want to increase traffic and convert users into potential clients, your practice area pages need to provide users with the information they are searching for. This means that you need to spend some time answering the following questions:

7 Steps to SEO Success

An SEO campaign is crucial to finding your place at the top of the search results page. By targeting specific keywords for your practice, you can establish yourself or your firm as an authority in your geographic region.

.law Could Set Off A Domain Gold Rush

Provided by: MileMark Media, LLC
.law is a top/level domain dedicated to lawyers.

Two Real Ways Law Firm Websites Stand Out

When the time comes to create a new design for your law firm there are a few crucial features that will separate you from the pack. These things may be small and seemingly unimportant, but I can assure you it’s all in the details.

How to Conduct a Content Audit of Your Law Firm Website

Content Review Checklist Whether you are launching a new website or updating an existing one, it is important to audit your law firm website content to make sure it meets user needs and business goals. Below is a checklist of items to help you evaluate whether you should keep, revise or eliminate a web page.

4 SEO Tips for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Provided by: Bigfoot Media
If you have a website for your law firm but you’re not receiving the traffic you need to grow your practice, you might be wondering what is causing this lack of visitors. The most common reason for low website traffic is that your site doesn’t have enough content. But you’re the proud owner of a website chock full of helpful articles and informative media for your prospects and clients. So what gives?

Is Your Firm's Website Getting Stale? Take It to the Next Level with Content Marketing

Provided by: Bigfoot Media
Are you looking at a refresh for you law firm’s website? If you have not had an update in the last few years, your site may need more than a refresh. In the past few years, content marketing has emerged as an incredibly successful strategy for promoting businesses on the Internet. If you have not implemented a content marketing strategy, you are giving up a competitive edge in the marketplace for your firm.

Law Firms Must Step Up Cybersecurity

A recent article in the New York Times underscores the demand clients are requiring of their law firms to step up their cybersecurity. Financial institutions, including some Wall Street banks, are asking their outside counselors to answer questionnaires of up to 60 pages, which probe the firm’s cyber security measures. Other types of corporations are also asking their legal firms to allow for internal and/or external Information Technology (IT) firms to do an audit.

9 Tips for Today's Attorney Marketing Strategy

Attorneys cannot afford to lose sight of the fundamental strategies that can often grow their practice. Even though your attorney marketing campaign may be purring like a kitten, revisiting a few suggestions of yesteryear may also prove healthy for your bottom line.

Beating the Clock: Time Management Tips for Attorneys

Time is of the essence. According to ABC News, Americans spend too much time burning the candle at both ends. We spend more time at the office in sharp contrast to our counterparts: the UK; France; Germany; Norway and quite surprisingly Japan. American workers top the list of least vacation days taken, longer hours, and and a rocky road to the promise land of retirement. American attorneys are not exempt.

Let's Chat: Attorney's Expanding Website Functionality via Click-to-Chat Technology

80% of all legal Internet traffic is driven by prospective clients who are seeking answers to legal questions. Click-to-Chat software is the answer.

YouTube for Attorneys: Rounding out Your Social Media Campaign

Seventy percent of Americans are previewing online videos daily. So, what better way to make an indelible first impression than YouTube?

Should I Market My Web Site through SEO or PPC?

You know you need to get more traffic to your law firm's web site and funds are always limited. This article explores the benefits and drawbacks of search engine optimization and pay-per-click.

Web Perseverance Launches New York Attorneys’ Websites

Internet Marketing and Business Consultants Almost every business today has a need for web presence. After all, through social media, companies are merely a touch away on someone’s smart phone. Web Perseverance helps companies market themselves and remain competitive in the digital age. We can maximize your presence on the web and help you effectively reach out and drive business. Three recent websites we launched reflect the customized approach we take for each client.

Online Marketing Vigilance: Closing the Door on Libel and Slander

The internet provides a medium that has opened up communication channels like no other medium in recent times.

Will You Convert?

Website traffic can be as useful as Atlanta traffic. Here are 5 ways to get more visitors to contact your firm. This morning I was in the office catching up on some email. It was interesting that the majority of marketing articles in my mailbox talked about how to generate website "traffic" from one source or another. A successful business, they claimed, requires SEO, pay-per-click, Facebook ads, Tweets, and [insert social media cliché here] to drive that traffic.

Distinguish and Dismiss

Why do your clients choose your law firm over others? Is it just because you’ve got licensed professionals who come into the office every day and do their jobs? Probably not. So why do so many firms resort to these types of generic statements on their websites and in other collateral?

LinkRead Essential Guide for Expert Witness Marketing

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