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How Much Time Do You Spend Marketing to Prospective Clients?

Did you know that you can cut out a good chunk of your advertising budget and improve marketing results by just implementing an ongoing content marketing campaign? Since it's sometimes difficult to understand why an established firm needs to keep pushing its message to prospective clients, here's a cheesy old sales analogy.

Social Media and Estate Planning—What Happens to Your Facebook Account after Your Death

Social Media and Estate Planning–Protecting Your Digital Estate

Is Your Firm's Marketing Active or Passive?

There are a number of ways to describe our firms’ marketing efforts, but let’s keep this easy and just use two distinct terms – active and passive. Passive marketing, or waiting for the fish to swim into your net, is fine, and part of an marketing plan. But think about adding some active (or proactive) elements, chumming the water and pulling the net to the fish, to have a truly integrated approach that delivers the best long-term results. Here are some low-cost ideas.

Developing the Law Firm Marketing Mix: Resisting the Silver Bullet

Critical to successful marketing is not just generating laundry lists of good ideas on how to promote the practice. There are literally hundreds of good ideas and thousands of communications vehicles. Rather, the key to effective marketing is selecting which of these ideas and which of these vehicles is best suited to achieve firm objectives…. and this is the critical part….within the constraints of its time and dollar resources.

How Law Firms Can Generate Awareness, Good Will and New Clients by Affiliating with Worthwhile Endeavors

In this day and age of search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, blogs and social media, one of the most underused and unappreciated marketing tools available to law firms is cause marketing – those efforts in which the law firm affiliates itself with a worthwhile cause, event or other type of endeavor.

Introducing the Content Quality Quotient - Is Your Content the Cream of the Crop, or Crap?

Before you publish your next website page, blog post, or presentation, check it against the Content Quality Quotient to see how your audience may perceive your marketing efforts. I’ve seen a lot of online discussion recently about the quality of the content that we’re including in our websites, blogs, and other communications. Is it educational? Does it speak to the right audience? Does it speak English?

Closing the Professional Services “Sale” - Five Tips for Landing the Next Client

Here are a few simple sales tactics that you can employ to improve your close ratio, meaning the percentage of perspective clients who become clients. I know. You’re not technically in a sales position. You are a professional. I also bet that just doing a great job is not enough of a magnet to attract and retain every prospective client. You can always improve, and that’s why it helps to think like a sales rep sometimes.

Is TV Right for Your Personal Injury Practice?

Personal injury law attorneys often ask us how much it would cost for them to advertise on TV. They, like the rest of us, are witness to the scores of commercials that inundate the airwaves touting scores of firms’ commitment to “fight for you” at virtually no risk to the client (i.e., “We get paid only if you do.”) Many of these firms are known for doing quite well. Hence, it is only reasonable that competitors express interest in duplicating their efforts.

How to Market the Personal Injury Practice… Without Spending a Gazillion Dollars in Advertising

If you are a personal injury attorney and the leader when it comes to advertising spending in your market, this article is not for you. If however, you are a personal injury attorney who cannot afford to “outshout” the competition on television radio, or in print, fear not. There are a number of tactics the smaller PI firm or attorney can do to ensure their voice is heard. And they involve four very different though interrelated activities.

Exceptional Law Firm Internet Marketing Results in Increased Visibility and Further Reach

Provided by: DataFlurry
Effective law firm Internet marketing is essential when your desire is to stand apart from the competitors in your market. Today, more and more people are searching online for their needs, rather than the yellow pages in the phone book. Is your law firm there, front and center for anyone in need of your services?

Does Your Attorney Search Engine Optimization Firm Offer Unparalleled Results?

Provided by: DataFlurry
All attorney search engine optimization firms are NOT alike. You may have spent thousands of dollars already in your efforts to get to page one of the search engine rankings, or you may be relatively new to the concept and wonder how your competitors obtain those much-sought-after top 10 spots for their chosen key terms and phrases. No matter which is the case, you know that you need attorney search engine optimization that works.

Online Legal Publishing

Provided by: AttorneySync
Publishing your professional legal work online has significant benefits in terms of building your professional reputation. It is also a critical component to search engine marketing.

Best Short-Term Marketing Tactic for Gaining Family Law Clients

Over the years, we have seen, that the most successful marketing tool for generating new family law clients over the short-term, has without question, been the seminar.

Law Firm Website Apps – Mobile Apps

In today’s digital world, a mobile device just might be an attorney’s best friend. No matter where you are, you can read email, speak with a client, check with your office or use the recording function to create a voice memo of a judge’s instructions. And that’s not all!

How to Manage Your Law Firm and Lawyer Online Reputation Management

Need help with online reputation management? What’s Your Internet Image?

Attorney Internet Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Processing

Moving Away from “Business as Usual”

Internet Marketing: Stay In Tune with the Times

The problem with many websites today is that they were thrown into cyberspace like a fishing line in the ocean, hoping to hook customers on the line.

#1 Way to Get More Business in 2011

Marketing to your current clients is the absolute best way to generate profitable new revenue quickly. Your clients already know and trust you, so it is easy for them to say “yes” to more services. This article outlines five legal marketing campaigns that will help you with connect with current and past clients now.

Local Internet Marketing for Lawyers

Provided by: AttorneySync
If you operate a local law firm, there are some unique Internet marketing techniques with which you should be familiar. Since Google's Place Search update in October, getting found locally takes a combination of classic search engine optimization techniques combined local search marketing strategies.

Testimonials, Reviews, & Ratings as They Relate to Your Law Firm Online

Provided by: AttorneySync
As Google continues to become more social and local, testimonials, reviews, and ratings of your law firm online become increasingly important to maximizing your local search visibility.

The Impact of Google Place Search Update on Your Law Firm Internet Marketing

Provided by: AttorneySync
Have you recently noticed that your search engine positions in Google have significantly changed? This is most likely to Google's recent Place Search update. For some law firms, the update may provide you top positions for search phrases that you previously weren't even first page. On the other hand, you may have also lost visibility for local search phrases for which you were previously number one.

Are You Prepared for Legal Marketing Success?

What are the keys to getting and keeping new clients?

3 Legal Marketing Steps to Building a Profitable Law Practice

Three Keys for Successful Legal Marketing.

Law Firm Web Marketing

Provided by: AttorneySync
Knowledge is power. Before you invest thousands into a law firm web marketing service, it's essential to understand the basics about how successful web marketing works.

25 Tools for Growing Your Law Firm's Reputation Online

Provided by: AttorneySync
Here is a short list of some of the best tools for building your professional reputation on the Internet.

Legal Marketing - Why Don't Law Schools Teach Relationship-Building?

Getting a legal job is very similiar to getting new clients...the same skill sets are required.

Two Law Firm Internet Marketing Strategies You May Not Have Considered

Provided by: AttorneySync
If you've been marketing your law firm on the Internet, chances are that you've already taken advantaged of several of the most common strategies. Here are two you may not have thought of.

8 Powerful Cures for an Allergic Reaction to Marketing

Lawyers dislike selling and marketing. Let these 8 easy steps help you succeed with fewer struggles.

Online Professional Reputation Building

Provided by: AttorneySync
You know your potential clients and referral sources are looking for you online, but how do you get started with online professional reputation building the right way? Here are some basic tips for entering the web marketing fray.

Enhance Google AdWords Campaigns with Negative Keywords

Experts and attorneys can quickly spend even a generous online advertising budget when pay-per-click campaigns on Google are not optimized. This article explains how to optimize performance.

Your Professional Reputation

Provided by: AttorneySync
While there are many online marketing strategies from which to choose, not all are dignified enough to use to grow your professional reputation.

3 Keys To Identifying A Successful Law Firm Internet Directory Listing

Provided by: AttorneySync
Deciding whether or not to pay for a listing in a law firm Internet directory, really comes down to identifying 3 key factors.

3 Local Law Firm SEO Ideas

Provided by: AttorneySync
Performing local law firm SEO is a great way to attract clients from a variety of local outlets online.

Link Building On Page Optimization & Content

Provided by: AttorneySync
Through link building, on page optimizations, and content, you will find that your law firm's web presence will steadily generate more site visitors, potential client leads, and ultimately new business for your firm.

Visitors, Prospects, Clients

Provided by: AttorneySync
There are many important steps between getting visitors to your website and turning them into new business for your law firm.

5 Ways To Jump Start Your Legal Blog Posts

Provided by: AttorneySync
While writing effective legal blog posts can be challenging, following some simple guidelines can make the process flow more smoothly.

5 Suggestions For Writing Legal Blog Post Titles

Provided by: AttorneySync
These quick tips will help encourage visitors to your website to actually read your articles.

Using The Search Engines For Marketing Your Law Firm

Provided by: AttorneySync
Understanding some basics about how search engine marketing works, will help you maximize your law firm search marketing efforts.

Setting Up A Professional Law Firm Website With Wordpress

Provided by: AttorneySync
Setting up a new website for your law firm does not have to be complicated or expensive. Use these quick tips to get started with a professional law firm website and blog.

Internet Marketing Meta Tag Tips for Lawyers and Experts

A few very simple lines of HTML code have the power to help or hinder your website’s search engine performance. Known as “meta tags,” these short commands describe the contents of a web page. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines use meta tags to varying degrees in promoting and displaying your web site to interested searchers. This article describes the title tag, description tag, and keyword tag to help you optimize your Internet marketing efforts.

How to Escape Legal Marketing Limbo

Imagine the scene … Executive Committee members sitting around a conference table, unable to reach agreement on which legal marketing programs to implement. There are so many choices now, from Google AdWords to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other forms of social media. This article shows attorneys and experts how to pick the right set of legal marketing programs for their firm.

Five Ways to Become a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is the ability to position yourself as an expert in your area of legal practice. Becoming a thought leader takes time, patience, and strategic planning. This article identifies five key steps you can take to become a legal thought leader respected by your peers and sought after by clients.

Vision, Mission & Values - Do We Need All 3?

Provided by: Ferris Consulting
The terms vision, mission and values have become over used words and often are confused with old fashion strategic planning retreats where hours and even days are spent word smithing a mission statement that is never looked at again. Many times the words are interchanged causing more confusion over the value for creating a mission, vision and value statement.

Is Law Firm SEM and Search Engine Optimization Necessary For Your Company?

Provided by: DataFlurry
If you have a law firm that could use more targeted traffic and better rankings, a reputable SEM and search engine optimization company is something you definitely need to investigate. Firms that you find listed on page one and two for your chosen keywords and phrases certainly do not end up there by accident!

Survey Research to Support Litigation

Survey research is used to provide greater levels of understanding in a wide variety of disputes. Issues such as consumer confusion, misleading advertising claims, disparagement, copyright infringement and trademark disputes can be better assessed as a result of developing and executing survey research. The purpose of this monograph is to aid attorneys in understanding what research standards and guidelines might be relied upon in their use of survey research.

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms - Why it is Essential for your Business

Provided by: DataFlurry
Search engine optimization for law firms is absolutely necessary if you want to improve the position of your website in the search engines for your targeted key terms and phrases. The main purpose for doing this is to have your company become highly visible to anyone who may be looking for the services you provide.

How to Attract Prospects with Search Engine Marketing

A client recently confided that he discovered the need for search engine marketing only after he built a new web site. Expecting that "if you build it, they will come," this sophisticated international attorney was surprised to learn that launching a new web site is only the first step in the continual effort to get business over the Internet.

Why Law Firm, Lawyers & Attorneys Should Incorporate Video Online

Provided by: DataFlurry
Law Firm Marketing can be a daunting task and can require a lot of different objectives to succeed online. However, one of the most overlooked marketing efforts that can really make a positive impact is online video for your law firm.

When it Comes to Law Firm Marketing & SEO, Do Some Research!

Provided by: DataFlurry
When it comes to search engine optimization for law firms, the services that law firms receive often vary to a major extent. Therefore, as a law firm operator, you need to ensure that you carefully select the best option to help yourself and your firm. You need to ensure that you choose a company that will produce incredible results in a short period of time to improve your return on investment.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization - Ensure you Choose the Right Provider

Provided by: DataFlurry
Do you currently operate a law firm and you are excited about the chance to take your law firm to the next level? Do you want to grab top placement in the search engines and be placed directly in front of prospective clients? Most likely, you have already given some consideration to employing a search engine marketing campaign, however all too often this task can seem daunting and foreign to many without experience working with websites.

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