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Dana Way started her career working in a laboratory in 1989. While working as a Chemist for Commonwealth Laboratories and later for Roche Analytics Laboratories, she learned analysis and reporting, laboratory methods and procedures, method development, and worked with a variety of analysis instruments. Dana also started work as an independent consultant for FDA controlled substances, poisons, toxic metals, and DNA. Dana was propelled on a journey of studying forensic science and she eventually started a company called 3rd Degree Investigations

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Articles Published by 3rd Degree Investigations, Inc.

Link Mentholated Crack Cocaine

Menthol causes and endothermic reaction overtime and reduces the product to a slurry or paste form of the product beginning to occur after the first 72 hours of manufacturing.

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Link Reweigh Analysis by an Independent

The seized crack cocaine in this case had diminished in weight by a significant margin, the cause was proposed and later determined to be as a root cause of adding Menthol to the produced product. See " Mentholated Crack Cocaine".

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Link Wrongful Termination: Cocaine in Hair

Sampling procedures, collection procedures and testing procedures should all be evaluated when there is a question in the results.

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Link Environmental Hazard Case: Methamphetamine Manufacturing

This is a case report of an actual occurrence. The needs of our services included evaluating the amount of seized product, the rate of production, and an evaluation of proposed hazards to the outdoor area and surrounding lives of the area of manufacturing.

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