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Accountability Services Inc

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Accountability Services, one of the founders of the legal auditing profession, was founded in 1991 and since that time has reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees. Principals of Accountability Services have provided expert witness services nationwide on the reasonableness of legal fees and have testified in jury trials, bench trials and arbitrations.

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 Ten Ways to Effectively Manage Outside Counsel Spending

Even though the post-recession darkness has been illuminated by the Dow-Jones surpassing 18,000, the pressure on in-house counsel to manage and control the efficiency, predictability and cost effectiveness in the delivery of legal services has not lessened. The good news for in-house counsel is that over the past seven years or so there has been a dramatic shift in the relationship from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market and there is now a fiercely competitive market for legal services.

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 Economic Realities Force General Counsel to Take a Hard Look at Legal Cost Control

As the economy takes a tailspin, don’t expect your law firms to voluntarily lower their fees. Astonishingly, this year partner billing rates broke record highs, with one firm exceeding the $1,200 mark and another rising above $1,100 per hour. That’s just the outside edge of the rate envelope. Other lawyers, emboldened by those outliers, are sure to close the gap.

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