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Advanced Insurance Management LLC

3230 South Harlem Avenue
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Riverside, Illinois 60546

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Advanced Insurance Management provides consultation services on Workers' Compensation insurance audits, classifications, experience modification factors and retrospective rating. We consult with employers to find and recover premium overcharges in Workers' Compensation insurance.
We also serve as expert witnesses in litigation over proper Workers Compensation insurance audits, classifications, experience modifiers, Large Deductible and Retrospective Rated policies.

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Articles Published by Advanced Insurance Management LLC

Link Large Deductible Workers Compensation Policies Not a Panacea for Employers

Many larger employers now purchase Large Deductible Workers Compensation insurance policies. They should do with eyes wide open about the benefits and potential pitfalls of such policies.

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Link Upcoming Change in Experience Modification Factors

Changes in the NCCI experience rating formula will impact policyholders across the US. Starting in 2013 the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has announced it will be changing the formula used to compute experience modification factors for employers.

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