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AI2 provides visual strategies for litigation support. If you have an upcoming trial or case and are in need of persuasive animations or graphics, call us for a consultation. We provide Forensic Animations, Legal Graphics, 3D Virtual Models, Courtroom Graphics, Crime Scene recreation, Digital Imaging and photogrammetry services.

Articles Published by AI2-3D Forensic Animations

Link The Lesser Known Benefits of Forensic Animations

Most articles about forensic animations tend to talk about the persuasiveness and level of memory retention an animation can have on a jury. However, there are two other valuable benefits that are rarely talked about and in practice, are the most beneficial to an attorney.

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Link Forensic Animations – Are they Right for Your Case?

Attorneys need to consider how well a forensic animation will fit into their case. Is it worth the expense? Will you get something that is effective? This article looks at some considerations before committing to a forensic animation for your case.

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Link Quick Tips for Preparing Courtroom Graphics and Animations

Far too often, the materials presented in court are just mediocre at best and do not pack the kind of punch required to really get a particular message across to the jury. There are a number of different aspects to preparing courtroom graphics and animations, but by just sticking with some of the more practical tips, better value will be gained from the visuals.

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Link Admissibility of Forensic Animations

Ensuring that your investment in a forensic animation gets admitted into court should be a concern for attorneys. By asking the right questions and working with a qualified forensic animator, one can avoid a costly and embarrassing situation. This article sets out a number of questions that an attorney should ask about the preparation of a forensic animation.

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Link Cost Factors of a Forensic Animation

This article attempts to explain some of the cost factors of a forensic animation by considering and understanding the animation process.

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Link Photogrammetry in Forensics Introduction

When one tries to imagine how many digital images are captured each day around the world to preserve some type of visual data for accident or crime scenes, it quickly becomes apparent that there are practical uses for photogrammetry in forensics and reconstruction. Historically, the Remote Sensing and Mapping industries have been the largest users of photogrammetry; however, there has been an adoption of this technology in areas such as architecture, forensics, archeology and film.

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Link Introduction to Forensic Animation Technology

In the legal industry forensic animations have seen a growing use by lawyers and courts since the early 1990’s. Even so, there are still numerous people who have avoided this technology simply because of a lack of understanding. Yet, time and time again, forensic animations have proven to be advantageous in deciding settlements or trials simply because they are one of the best communication tools available to lawyers and accident reconstructionists today.

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