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Ali Khoshgozaran, Ph.D. in Computer Science

Ali Khoshgozaran, Ph.D. in Computer Science

205 S Broadway
Suite 300

Los Angeles, California 90012

Phone(323) 545-3926


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Dr. Ali Khosh is a computer scientist and software technology consultant with over a decade of research, development and management experience in various areas of computer science with leading tech companies around the world, including Microsoft, Yahoo! and Samsung. Ali currently serves as an expert witness in software-related litigation, such as patent infringement and breach-of-contract matters.


Dr. Khosh's services cover the following areas of expertise:

- Wireless devices and mobile apps
Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Java ME

- Programming and software development
Java, C/C++, C#, XML, Eclipse, Visual Studio, .NET

- Internet applications and websites
Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET

- Digital multimedia
MPEG, JPEG, vector graphics, Silverlight, Flash, digital video recorders (DVRs), Smart TVs and set-top boxes, digital cameras

- Databases
RDBMS, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Elastic Search, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, PostgreSQL

- Operating systems and servers
Linux, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX

- Networking and protocols

- Litigation support
Intellectual property and patent infringement, software design/source code inspection and review, expert witness testimony at trials and depositions, breach-of-contract and non-performance claims, computer forensics, data recovery, and metadata analysis

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Geospatial, Connected Cars, Location Based Services, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering.


• Serving as a software expert witness in several cases, including patent infringement and breach-of-contract cases

• Holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from The University of Southern California, an M.S. in Computer Science from The George Washington University, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology

• Conducts research in the field of software systems and engineering, spanning the areas of mobile software, Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, software development, embedded software, software quality and reliability assurance and web applications

• Authored several peer-reviewed academic articles and papers, magazine articles and book chapters related to software engineering in top conferences and publications

• Delivered various invited speakers, seminars, lectures, and technology demonstrations at domestic and international software industry events and computer science conferences

• Served as a panelist at various technology, entrepreneurship and software events

• Served as an expert reviewer and panelist for numerous journals, conferences and magazines, and been a committee member for academic conferences

• Received numerous research and industry awards in the field of computer science and entrepreneurship

• Delivers guest lectures on various areas of computer science and software engineering at the University of Southern California and The California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

• Filed 15+ patents in areas of intelligent systems, social networks, privacy and security, information management, internet-enabled TV and advertising with The University of Southern California, Yahoo! and Samsung (4 granted)

Ali Khoshgozaran, Ph.D. in Computer Science in the Social Networks

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Professional Experience

Computer Scientist -Quandary Peak Research; Los Angeles, CA 2018-Present
- Providing software analysis and expert witness testimony in software-related litigation patent, trade secret, copyright infringement, breach of contract and other matters.
- Analyzing software intellectual property and patent portfolios for due diligence, brokering negotiations, startup investments, and M&A in various technology disciplines.
- Investigating software failures to determine the root cause and help clients understand whether and how the failure could have been avoided.-Documenting the architecture of software systems to identify structural similarities and differences among competing products/services and deducing the origin of software designs.

Part-Time Faculty, University of Southern California Gould School of Law 2020
- Teaching "Computer Science for Lawyers", offered for the first time at USC's school of law based on my proposal to the school. - Designed a unique course to expose attorneys to computer science fundamentals. Empower lawyers to make technology-informed legal decisions and improve their understanding of technical issues.
- Curated topics covered in this course based on analyzing over 300 litigation matters involving software.

Advisory Council Member-EnCorps STEM Teachers Prog.; Los Angeles, CA 2018-Present
- EnCorps empowers science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals to transform public education by teaching in high needs schools.

Senior Technology Advisor-IVOW AI Inc.; Baltimore, MD 2018-Present
- IVOW is an Artificial Intelligence and Storytelling startup that helps organizations champion culturally conscious data.

Founder & CEO -Tilofy Inc.; Los Angeles, CA 2013-2017
- Successfully built and released one of the most disruptive products in the predictive analytics to the market from the ground up.
- Turned a $20K seed investment into a cash-flow positive technology business worth $9M (raised $2M+ of venture funding.)
- Personally signed up world's biggest brands as paid clients (Red Bull, Altria, Hershey, Henkel, Unilever, Samsung, Anheuser Busch, etc.)
- Led the design, development and release of Watsup, an award-winning iOS app. Powered by Tilofy's proprietary anomaly-detection technology, Watsup helped users to “Shazam” the real-world by instantly connecting them to what's happening anywhere, anytime.
- Led the creation of innovative technology recognized by Forbes: “This mobile technology brings us one step closer to omniscience.”
- Five years of hands-on technical execution, leadership, product architecture and strategy-Designed, architected and led the development of Tilofy's complex technology infrastructure and software stack for its consumer-facing and enterprise products.
- Interviewed 80+ candidates and managed a team of 15 backend/frontend/iOS engineers, business development, product managers & analysts.
- Led data/service integration of Tilofy with Twitter (Gnip), Google (GCE), IBM (Watson), Microsoft (Azure) & Amazon (AWS).
- Performed daily code reviews, design discussions, bug tracking and product development with the engineering team.
- Interfaced directly with heads of innovation, analytics, marketing, consumer insights and the CXO offices of Tilofy clients.
- Technologies used: SVM, Regression (machine learning), ElasticSearch/MySql (storage), Ruby/Java (backend/APIs), React/Angular (frontend), AWS/Rackspace/GCE (IaaS), Jenkins/Chef/Salt/Kibana/Github/Log4j (tools), Mixpanel/Flurry/Crashlytics/Cloudflare/Google Analytics (analytics), Scrum (methodology).

Guest Lecturer, University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA 2010-Present
- Teaching topics on Technology Entrepreneurship, Database Systems, Object-Oriented Design and Programming, User Interface Design & Data Informatics at graduate/undergraduate courses.

Technical Lead, Samsung SmartTV Platform; Irvine, CA 2010-2013
- Led technical integration of partners micro-services (Turner, TWC, Verizon) with Samsung's Syncplus Automatic Content Recognition service for Samsung's North American release.
- Led a technology innovation team at Digital Media Solutions Lab, in charge of conceptualizing and planning new product ideas for Samsung SmartTVs 2-5 years out.
- Developed proof of concept prototypes for Samsung's senior management to identify product commercialization opportunities.
- Supported Samsung's venture investment arm for technology sensing and due diligence.
- Filed 10 patents with Samsung on proprietary technology and related use cases (3 granted).

Program Manager Intern, Microsoft Online Services Division; Redmond, WA 2009
- Delivered and owned specs for Bing Maps "event app".-Worked directly with external/internal software engineers on design and development of an event app for Bing Maps platform.
- Responsible for ingestion, indexing and integration of Microsoft partner's events data into Bing Maps data layer.
- Selected among a group of 20 employees mentored 1:1 by Microsoft SVPs as high potential future leaders of the organization.

Software Developer Intern, Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting; Sunnyvale, CA2007
- Designed and developed various software products for the behavioral targeting QA team
- Implemented an end-to-end framework for querying, visualizing and analyzing massive user behavioral data.
- Implemented a web-based interface to simulate user browsing behavior across hundreds of Yahoo! properties.
- Filed a patent with Yahoo! on developed technologies and querying interfaces.

Research Assistant, University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA 2005-2010
- Research team member at the InfoLab group within the Computer Science department.
- Software designer/developer for the GEODEC (geospatial decision-making) project funded by grants from Microsoft, Google, NSF, etc. The goal of the project was to construct an information-rich and realistic 3-dimensional visualization and simulation of a geographical location, rapidly and accurately.
- Designed and developed a three-layered architecture to import, ingest and analyze large amounts of heterogeneous, multi-modal and real-time spatio-temporal data for querying and visualization.
- Developed a machine learning activity classification application on Android G1 phones using accelerometer, GPS, camera and other sensor data to understand users' physical activities
- Designed and developed several location-based services interacting with mobile clients for geospatial decision-making.
- Conducted research on privacy-preserving approaches to providing location-based services
- Developed research grant proposals for NSF funding in the areas of geo-spatial information management and location privacy.
- Designed and developed one of the world's first moving object tracking and querying application using Google Earth featured on MSNBC and Google Earth's blog.
- Invented a fundamental space-transformation technique to perform the class of Nearest Neighbor (NN) queries, the core class of queries used in many of the location-based services, without revealing the origin of the query in order to preserve the privacy of this information.
- A patent granted on the novel space transformation method and techniques invented.

Teaching Assistant, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 2005-2006
- Mentoring student and designing exam questions for the Programming Systems Design course.
- Giving guest lectures and leading TA sessions for Database Information Systems course.

Research Assistant, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 2004-2005
- Contributing research towards establishing a framework for Statistical Cryptanalysis, under the supervision of Dr. Poorvi Vora.

Lab Instructor, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 2004-2005
- Designing and instructing lab sections of “Database Management Systems”, teaching Oracle, MYSQL, JDBC, SQLPLUS, ODBC, XML etc.

Teaching Assistant, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 2004
- Mentoring students in “Group Software Projects” course to build a web-based application for a real client (including social impact, professional ethics and IP analysis of the project).


Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Coursera (taught by Andrew Ng)

Legal Experience & Services

Recent Litigation Experience:
Here is a subset of some of the cases wherein I have been retained as a software expert consultant:
• Tesla v. Cao (OCT 2020)
- Jurisdiction: Northern District of California
- Counsel: Jointly retained by The Norton Law Firm PC, Conrad & Metlitzkey LLP, and Rimon PC on behalf of Tesla, Inc, Guangzhi Cao and
- Nature of Suit: Trade Secret

• Jeremiah Revitch et al., v. New Moosejaw LLC and Navistone Inc. (JAN 2020)
- Jurisdiction: Northern District of California
- Counsel: Bursor & Fisher, P.A.
- Nature of Suit: Corporate Civil Suit

• Stephen Choi and WikiTechnologies, Inc. v. Marco Garibaldi et al. (OCT 2019)
- Jurisdiction: Superior Court for California, County of Los Angeles
- Counsel: Artiano & Associates, APC
- Nature of Suit: Corporate Civil Suit

• H2O Resources, LLC v. Oilfield Tracking Services, Corrizo Oil & Gas et al. (SEP 2019)
- Jurisdiction: Eastern District of Pennsylvania
- Counsel: Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, PC
- Nature of Suit: Trade Secret

• Mimzi, LLC v. Foursquare Labs, Inc. (JUL 2019)
- Jurisdiction: District of Delaware
- Counsel: Barnes & Thornburg LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent (IPR, Location-Based Services, Crowd Sourcing)

• Location Based Services, LLC v. Sony Electronics Inc. (DEC 2018)
- Jurisdiction: District of Delaware
- Counsel: Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent (IPR, GPS, Location-Based Services)

• Calendar Research, LLC, v. Michael Gray, StubHub, Inc., eBay Inc. et al. (JAN 2019)
- Jurisdiction: Central District of California
- Counsel: Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP
- Nature of Suit: Trade Secret (Startups, mobile apps, merger and acquisitions)

• Certain Information Systems, Components Thereof and Automobiles Containing the Same (Broadcom v. Toyota Motor Co., Panasonic Co. et al.) (JUL 2018)
- Jurisdiction: United States International Trade Commission
- Counsel: Steptoe & Johnson LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent (ITC, GPS Technology, Location-Based Services)

• UCAR Technology (USA) INC. and UCAR INC. V. Yan Li et al. (MAY 2018)
- Jurisdiction: Northern District of California
- Counsel: Ruyak Cherian LLP
- Nature of Suit: Trade Secret (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Cars)

• Seven Networks, LLC v. ZTE (USA) Inc. and ZTE Corporation (JAN 2018)
- Jurisdiction: Northern District of Texas
- Counsel: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent Infringement (Smartphone Power Management)

• CYWEE Group LTD. v ZTE Corporation, ZTE (USA), Inc. and ZTE (TX) Inc. (JAN 2018)
- Jurisdiction: Southern District of California
- Counsel: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent Infringement (Sensor Fusion, mobile sensors)

• Hitachi Maxell, LTD. v. ZTE Corp and ZTE USA Inc. (FEB 2018)
- Jurisdiction: Eastern District of Texas
- Counsel: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent Infringement (CDMA, Power Management)

• Cellular Communications Equipment LLC v. HTC America Inc., HTC Corporation, ZTE Corporation, ZTE Solutions, Inc. and ZTE USA, Inc. (FEB 2018)
- Jurisdiction: Eastern District of Texas
- Counsel: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
- Nature of Suit: Patent Infringement (LTE, 3G, UTMS)

Awards & Honors

- University Fellowship, The George Washington University, CS Dep. 2003-04
- Outstanding Leadership Award, University of Southern California, 2005
- Graduate Research Scholarship, University of Southern California, 2005
- Outstanding Graduate Student Award, APSIH, 2006
- Youth Appreciation Award, NIPOC, 2007
- Yahoo! Ambassador for USC, 2007-2008
- Over 1000 citations to peer reviewed publications, 2005-2010
- Winner: #1 Big Data Startup, USC Startup Garage Competition (100+ participants), 2013
- SocalTech50: Southern California's Top 50 People to Watch in Tech Industry (along with CEOs of Tinder, Snapchat & Whisper), 2014
- Winner: #1 Disruptive Startup in Retail (800+ participants), Plug & Play Tech Center, 2016
- Winner: #1 Disruptive Media Startup, Plug & Play Tech Center, 2017

Seminars & Training

Invited Talks/Panels

- Judge, Demo Day, Object Oriented Design and Programming Course, University of Cal Poly Pomona (2013)
- Keynote Speaker, Iranian American Society of Engineers and Architects, Irvine, CA (2011)
- Panelist, Innovation Forum, Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism, USC (2014)
- Guest Lecturer, Specification and Design of User Interface Software Course, USC (2014)
- Guest Lecturer, Database Systems, USC (2011)
- Guest Lecturer, Data Informatics Professional Practicum, USC (2015)
- Speaker, The Montgomery Summit, Santa Monica, CA (2015)
- Keynote Speaker, Korean Investors & Traders Association Forum, Los Angeles, CA (2016)
- Panelist, Summit in Media & Tech, Hollywood Production Center, Los Angeles, CA (2017)
- Guest Speaker, Shanghai Investor Connect Road Show (2017)
- Guest Speaker, Plug and Play CHTA Disruptive Exhibition (2017)
- Guest Speaker, Integrated Media Services Center Retreat (2017)


Magazine Publications

- Cyrus Shahabi, Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Ali Khoshgozaran, Luciano Nocera and Songhua Xing, GeoDec: GeoDec: A framework to visualize and query geospatial data for decision-making. IEEE MultiMedia 17(3): 14-23 (2010).

Book Chapters

- Ali Khoshgozaran and Cyrus Shahabi, Private Information Retrieval Techniques for Enabling Location Privacy in Location-Based Services, Privacy in Location-based Applications, ISBN: 978-3-642-03510-4, Bettini, C.; Jajodia, S.; Samarati, P.; Wang, X.S. Eds., October 2009, 59-83.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Southern California - May 2010
M.S. in Computer Science, The George Washington University - May 2005
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology - June 2003

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