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Legal language translation company All Language Alliance, Inc. is a provider of legal document translation services, including certified legal translation of sensitive documents, multilingual e-Discovery translation, medical translation and interpreting services, technical translations, business and corporate translation and interpreting services in more than 100 foreign languages nationwide and worldwide. Subscribe to legal translation company's blog "Translation for Lawyers".

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 Japanese Translation Document Is Not Hearsay, Says the Court

Japanese legal document translations and the issues surrounding certified document translations used as evidence often come up in federal cases involving Japanese litigants.

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 Legal Translation and Communicating Occupational Hazards to Foreign Language Speakers

Legal document translation, deposition translators, and legal interpreting play an important role in the cases dealing with employees who speak a foreign language and the various situations that arise in a multi-linguistic workplace.

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 Why Legal Translations of Multilingual Contracts Are Important for Businesses

Without proper legal document translations and certified translation services businesses that don’t follow foreign language contract translation laws can run into legal woes. It is very important for businesses to use professional interpreting and translation services when dealing with foreign language speaking consumers, especially when contracts are involved.

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 What Attorneys Need to Know About Legal Translators and Legal Interpreters

Case law, court and public may use the words “translator” and “interpreter” interchangeably. But savvy attorneys who understand that these words refer to the members of two different professions, would be able to work with translators and interpreters more effectively.

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 Legal Translation Services for Language Accommodation in Workplace

Company Ordered to Pay $20,000 in Medical Bills in Worker’s Compensation Claim for Minor Muscle Strain Treated as a Heart Attack Due to Lack of an Interpreter. And while it is important to accommodate foreign language speakers in the workplace this case contains important lessons for the attorneys regarding the use of professional legal translators and interpreters to shield the employer from liability in similar cases.

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 Knowledge is Power in Marketing to Law Firm's Foreign-Born Clients

Cross-cultural competence is important for lawyers who want to market legal services to foreign-born clients. Here are the tips that will help attorneys better understand their foreign clients.

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