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Alsina Liver Consulting

Alsina Liver Consulting

812 S. Poinsettia Dr.
Tampa, Florida 33609

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Dr. Alsina has 24 years of experience in general and liver surgery, transplantation, liver cancer and long career in hepatology. Harvard trained. Publisher, researcher, teacher and expert-witness in liver diseases, cancer, bile duct injuries, drug-induced liver injuries, liver-related life expectancy, disability for transplant surgeons, and Correctional Medicine of liver and Hepatitis C.


Dr. Alsina specializes in:

Medico-Legal Inquiries and Litigation
Hepatology, Surgery and Transplantation
Liver Cancer/Liver Oncology
Hepatitis C
Surgical Complications
Bile Duct Injuries
Correctional Medicine of Liver Diseases
DILI Drug Induced Liver Injuries
Life Expectancy of Liver-Related Disorders

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Bile Duct Injuries, Portal Hypertension, Chronic Liver Disease, Organ Transplantation, Organ, Donation, Liver Cancer, Surgical Complications, Correctional Medicine of Liver Diseases, Drug-Induced Liver Injuries.


Highly respected physician leader with proven collaborative skills. Unique multi-faceted knowledge in transplant, hepato-biliary and surgical disorders, hepatology, and hepato-oncology. Proven track record for over two decades at large academic center. Over 1,600 liver transplants patients, consistently meeting quality regulatory standards since 1996. Brought center to the 94th percentile of liver transplant volumes in 2011, 9th in US and 96th percentile in 3-year patient survival in latest SRTR report. Proven investigator in pivotal trials in liver transplantation, liver cancer, hepatitis C, and NASH. Publishing and speaking experience nationally. Expert CME teacher in various fields and experienced publisher. Liver oncology advisor. Granted Fellow designation by the AASLD. Robotic surgery certified. Experienced medico-legal consultant in all liver and surgery aspects, hepatitis C inmates, drug injury causality, and many others.

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Professional Experience

• 24 years of hepato-biliary (liver) surgery and liver transplantation experience at a tertiary care, 1,010 bed teaching hospital.

• Broad skills in general surgery, liver surgery, transplantation, hepatology, and hepato-oncology (liver cancer). Robotic surgery certified.

• Directed liver transplantation and cancer programs for total of 20 years

• Experienced in Hepatitis C. Principal investigator in Hepatitis C trials that resulted in drug approval.

• Managed immunosuppression treatments long term in over 1,000 liver transplant recipients.

• Leader of a multi-disciplinary liver cancer team. Conducted oncologic treatments at specialized clinics for liver cancer and ran latest clinical trials. Evaluated over 5,000 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.

• Proven track record: Achieved the 96th percentile in long term outcomes (survival) of liver transplantation nationally, among 130 programs, in the latest report.

Publications, Research:

• Principal investigator and researcher in 27 pivotal trials of liver transplantation, acute liver failure, fatty liver, hepatitis C, and liver cancer.

• Published in topics of acute liver failure, liver cancer, liver transplantation, cirrhosis and portal hypertension, ethnic and ethical aspects of transplantation, and liver oncology

• Expert CME teacher nationally, advisor, research mentor, and speaking experience nationally. Bilingual.

Experienced expert and well trained. Over 20 cases over the last two years.


Florida - No. ME 0071238; 1996 to present.

Legal Experience & Services

Dr. Alsina is experienced in thorough assessment of drug-induced liver injury cases for individuals and for the legal community, utilizing standardized causality assessment methods with transparency, to demonstrate the accuracy and limitations of these methods, based on the information that is available.

Dr. Alsina will analyze the extents of liver disease:

Complications that will or have ensued
Life expectancy
Future available treatments
The role of transplant centers, their selection, their performance and their characteristics
The logistics of transplants, including travel and future treatments
Additional relevant factors to consider.


American Board of Surgery certified. Fellow designation by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases ( AASLD).


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HepatoBiliary and Organ Transplantation Fellowship, New England Deaconess/Harvard Dept. of Surgery, Boston, MA; General
Surgery, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston, MA; MD, Ponce Health Sciences, Ponce, PR; BS, Biology, Boston College

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