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Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS)

Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS)

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Applied Research & Forensic Services provides forensic analyses of business & medical charts/records involving handwriting/signature analyses, page substitution/alterations/ink & documents dating & chronology to establish genuineness or lack thereof. Criminal defense & civil litigation/fraud/forgery. F.B.I. & U. S. S. Secret Service documents training. ARFS now also provides "Lie Detection" services using Voice Stress Analysis (VSA), in which discipline Manny is Certified. VSA is a scientific alternative to polygraph technology. Manny has also been a California Licensed Private Investigator for more than 44 years (PI 5060).


Unlike most of my competitors, I am licensed and regulated by the CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs and have been since 1970 (PI 5060). The licensing process included the verification of my investigative experience (some gained via the Criminal Investigation Division, USMC) and a criminal background check at the State and Federal levels.

Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS) is dedicated virtually exclusively to the scientific examination of questioned documents to establish the source, origin, date of production or authenticity of business records/medical charts by conducting forensic examination of signatures/extended writings/suicide missives, forged formal & holographic wills, codicils, promissory notes, grant deeds, quit claims deeds, contracts, insurance forms to determine authenticity. Expert witness testimony. Infrared analysis, indented writings processed & analyzed, counterfeit detection & forgery detection. Chemical Latent Fingerprint Processing (visualization).

ARFS' laboratory is fully equipped with the latest scientific instrumentation which includes microscopy analyses, digital photomicrography and photomacrography, digital image enhancement, ink differentiation and other capabilities. Mr. Gonzales is fluent on Spanish.

Litigation Support Services

Mr. Manny Gonzales provides Consulting & Expert Witness Guidance & Credibility Assessments. Bilingual (English/Spanish).

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Latent Fingerprint Chemical Processing (visualization)


I served my apprenticeship at the Riverside County (CA) Sheriff's Department and completed formal training at the FBI Academy & U. S. Secret Office of Training in questioned documents analyses. I am a former forensic document examiner for San Diego Police Department, Forensic Sciences Unit & former instructor & consultant of questioned documents for U. S. Department of Justice (ICITAP) in El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia and Dominican Republic. Taught also questioned documents at Grossmont College in its Forensic Technology Program. Expert testimony offered in federal and state courts. I am also a former professor of criminal justice for ITT Technical Institute. I am a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Professional Investigator (CPI), Fraud Claims Law Specialist (FCLS). I am also a Certified Voice Stress Analyst (Scientific Alternative to Polygraph Technology). Credibility Assessments Also Offered via Truth Verification Testing.

Consulting Practice

All States

Professional Experience

More than 35 years in the examination of questioned documents. Former San Diego Police Department document examiner, former fraud investigator (California Peace Officer), Special Investigator of State Bar of California. Testified on More Than 170 Occasions in State and Federal Courts and Depositions and Hearings. Have Never Failed to Testify. Testified in San Diego, Riverside, Marin, Orange, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Clark County NV and Mohave County AZ Counties in Civil and Criminal Matters. Bilingual (Spanish/English).


• Certified Fraud Examiner (C.F.E.)
• Certified Professional Investigator (C.P.I.)
• Fraud Claims Law Specialist (F.C.L.S.)
• California Licensed Private Investigator
• Certified Voice Stress Analyst

Legal Experience & Services

More than 44 years involvement in civil & criminal litigation


• American Academy of Forensic Sciences (Questioned Documents Section)
• Southwestern Association of Forensic Document Examiner (Charter Member & Board of Directors)
• International Association for Identification (Active member & serve on questioned documents sub-Committee)
• Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Certified Fraud Examiner)
• California Association of Licensed Investigators (Member & Certified Professional Investigator)
• U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Association (USMC Associate Member)
• Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA)
• Society for Imaging Science & Technology
• Military Order of the Purple Heart (Member & Chapter Officer)
• Force Recon Association
• International Association of Voice Stress Analysts, Inc


Provided Expert Witness Testimony on More than 170 Occasions in Federal and State Courts and Hearings, Such as Department of Motor Vehicles, NASD, Depositions, Jewish Ribannical Court, Arbitrations, University Student Honor Hearing, etc. Completion of Basic & Advanced of the Reid Technique of Interview & Interrogation.

Awards & Honors

Purple Heart Medal for wounds received on the battle field; Combat Action ribbon (USMC); Certificate of Achievement from Grossmont College for "Outstanding Performance as a Teacher"; Distinguished Service Award from Military Order of the Purple Heart (2 awards); U.S. Army Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service while serving as Marine liaison for Oregon National Guard. Graduated Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

Seminars & Training

• American Academy of Forensic Sciences
• International Association for Identification
• Southwestern Association of Forensic Document Examiners
• FBI Academy, "Questioned Documents for Laboratory Personnel"
• U.S. Secret Service Questioned Documents Course
• American Board of Forensic Document Examiners
• American Society of Questioned Document Examiners
• Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
• California Department of Justice
• International Association of Voice Stress Analysts


• California Handwriting Systems

Professional References

• Gary Herbertson (Retired FBI document examiner)
• George Throckmorton (Retired Salt Lake Police Crime Lab Director)
• Linda Mitchell


Bachelor of Science degree, Graduated Cum Laude.

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