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Jim is a seasoned security manager with 20 years of executive level leadership experience in security management with responsibility for several thousand armed security officers and protection of fifty high-risk facilities storing and processing valuables, such as: Precious Metals, Currency, Documents, and other high value items for various institutions to include the U.S. Government, banks, retail, manufacturers and other businesses.

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Link Home Security Tips

While the author has maintained a burglar alarm system for many years, he does not rely on this system as his sole protection source. There are many other actions that can be used to protect your home. Burglars will normally by pass homes that appear more challenging to gain access. Most access is made through doors and windows during daylight hours.

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Link Insight into the Armored Car-Cash-in-Transit Industry

Most news regarding the armored car industry is the result of news media covering robberies or truck crashes. This article provides insight into this little known industry and the men and women who risk their lives daily transporting and guarding valuables.

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Link Church Security Suggestions

Far too many churches in our country provide little or no physical security for parishioners. I believe that this lack of security is due to concern that a security program will create unnecessary alarm for parishioners. Many church leaders believe that a security incident will not occur at their church.

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Link Tamper Evident Security Deposit Bags

Customers are using tamper evident deposit bags thinking that if these bags are compromised, tell tale signs are evident. When a tamper evident bag is compromised, a marking such as VOID should appear on various parts of the bag; the type of marking varies. If these markings do not appear, the bag is considered uncompromised when in fact a poorly designed bag may not reveal that the bag was indeed compromised. The absence of industry standards adds to the confusion.

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