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Arthur J. Levine, Ph.D., J.D., CPCU, ARM

2067 Smokewood Avenue
Fullerton, California 92831

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Dr. Arthur J. Levine provides services in workers' compensation insurance premium determination and rates as well as expert witness and consultant services. He has over thirty five years of experience. Since 2003, Dr. Levine has served as independent Staff Counsel to the Public Members of the WCIRB of CA's Governing Committee.

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Articles Published by Arthur J. Levine, Ph.D., J.D., CPCU, ARM

Link Navigating Workers' Compensation Insurance Premium Disputes

Summary - Workers comp premium disputes can be complex, expensive, protracted, and divisive. They may require the involvement of several administrative and adjudicative bodies, including a rating bureau, one or more state agencies, and courts. Premium disputes also frequently impair or disrupt otherwise desirable business relationships among insurers, brokers, and policyholders. Increased mediation and arbitration to resolve premium disputes would reduce costs and preserve relationships.

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Link Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Disputes

This year, California employers will pay nearly $15 billion for workers compensation insurance. Although premiums – the price insurers charge for coverage – have dropped by half in just four years, they remain a major expense and an occasional severe headache for many companies.

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