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The Augusta University Forensic Institute is a multidisciplinary group of faculty members of the Medical College of Georgia. We provide expert opinion and testimony in both civil and criminal matters.

Expert witnesses at our Institute are also teachers at Augusta University. They are persuasive and impartial. They explain the relevant behavioral and clinical aspects in a particular case and will conscientiously inform the court and jury with foundations for their opinions.


Augusta University Forensic Institute offers the following services:

- Civil Cases
In civil cases, experts from the Forensic Institute can provide in-depth analysis and testimony regarding emotional injuries, brain injuries, medical practice standards and numerous other legal questions.

- Criminal Cases
In criminal cases, the Forensic Institute experts provide in-depth analysis and testimony regarding competency to stand trial, sanity at the time of the alleged criminal offense(s), as well as other questions relevant to criminal issues.

- Forensic Psychology & Neuropsychology
Our experts provide scientifically-informed, objective psychological and neuropsychological evaluations in cases involving intellectual disability or acquired psychological/neuropsychological impairment due to traumatic brain injury, stroke, anoxic encephalopathy or neurotoxic exposure.

- Forensic Addiction Medicine
Our medical expert in addiction medicine is a physician who has the clinical experience, academic training and certification to form an expert, objective medical opinion in cases involving alcohol and drugs or other addictive behaviors (i.e. gambling, sex, etc.).

Litigation Support Services

We provide consultative services to private attorneys, the courts, administrative law bodies and governmental agencies, where evaluation and mental health information are relevant.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Professional Ethics and Peer Review, Hospital and Outpatient Treatment Standards, Sexual Misconduct by Professionals, Workplace Violence, Dangerousness Assessments, Civil Commitment, Competency to Proceed, Sanity at the Time of the Alleged Offense, Aggravating and Mitigating Factors, Pre-sentencing Evaluations.

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