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Bartlett Joseph Associates

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51 Gable Court
San Rafael, California 94903

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Bartlett Joseph Associates is an independent retail industry management consulting firm headed by Mr. Robert Bartlett. Mr. Bartlett has been an industry practice leader in a major multi-national consulting firm and has over twenty five years of experience in working with senior retail industry executives throughout the United States and around the world. The focus of his current practice is business strategy, organization and management.

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Articles Published by Bartlett Joseph Associates

Link On Leading and Managing the Retail Company

A decade or two ago, strategic and business planners commonly worked with a five year planning horizon. Technology adoption and implementation time-frames, market share change rates, and consumer behavior patterns could be relied upon to span several years.

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Link Budgeting: How to Maximize Your Results

This article, originally published in Baby Shop Magazine, was written to help the independent retailer get the most out of limited resources.

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