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Charles (Chuck) Drago - Drago Professional Consultants

P.O. Box 623511
Oviedo, Florida 32762-3511

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Chuck Drago is a former Police Chief who provides consulting and expert witness services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in a variety of police practices including use of force, Taser, officer involved shootings, police pursuits, domestic violence, narcotics investigations, and stalking. Chuck's 35 years of front line law enforcement experience provided him with the opportunity to review and investigate hundreds of police misconduct cases and testify in over 200 hearings, depositions and trials.

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Articles Published by Charles (Chuck) Drago - Drago Professional Consultants

Link Police Leaders must Walk the Walk (Police Pursuit Driving)

Published in the Orlando Sentinel "My Word" Column on February 19,2012. Police policies lay the groundwork for the culture of a police department. Police executives must be sure that they are reinforcing the agencies polices and not substituting an underground culture. Police pursuits and police driving in general is dangerous to the public and the police officers. Police leaders must not only examine their policies on a routine basis but should reexamine the practices and customs as well.

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Link Save Community Policing

Our struggling economy has forced us to look closely at our police departments and consider ways to cut the budget.

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