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Christopher Hawk

Christopher Hawk

269 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 848
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Phone(424) 410-3120


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Christopher Hawk provides expert witness opinions on Insurance and Financial matters. In 2006, he founded the Small Business & Retirement Plans Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation; to facilitate financial literacy and business development work-shops for disadvantaged youths, young adults and small business owners (ages 16-55); to close financial educational gaps that trouble many people, rank & file employees and small business owners.


Mr. Hawk's expertise includes:

Qualified Retirement Plans, Non Qualified Retirement Plans, Annuities, Self-Directed IRAs, Non Qualified Deferred Compensation, Charitable Retirement Plans, Life insurance, Disability Insurance, Pre-Tax Health Insurance, Long Term Care, Supplemental Health Plans, and Health Savings Accounts.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Supplemental Health Plans; Health Savings Accounts; Pre-tax Health Insurance; COBRA; Self-Directed IRAs; Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation; Charitable Retirement Plans; Disability Insurance; Long Term Care; Key Person; Group Benefits; Safe Harbor Plans; 401 (k); SEP; IRA; TSA; 403 (b); Defined Benefit Plans; VEBA; Welfare Benefit Trusts; Profit Sharing Plans; Roth IRS; Qualified Retirement Plans; Nonqualified Retirement Plans; Union Benefits; Medicare; Social Security.


30 years as a licensed life, health & retirement plans agent.

Specialist, in Tax-Deferred & Tax-Exempt Income

Military veteran and former Los Angeles County Probation Department employee.

15 years of annually assisting third party brokers and custodians, whom contract with corporate business owners for group sponsored employee payroll deduction services; during their open enrollment seasons. Among the HIPPA compliant services provided as an agent and benefit counselor include:

- Pre-Tax Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care
- Life insurance, Supplemental Health Plans & Social Security Options
- Health Savings Accounts, Prepaid Legal Services & Wellness Benefits

Servicing the general consumer markets since 1989, for those seeking the purchase of individually or family-owned life, disability, long term care and health insurance plans.

As a retirement planner, consultant or seminar lecturer in the areas of:

- Pre-tax Qualified Retirement plans (i.e. 401Ks, IRAs, SEPs, Roth IRAs Defined Benefit Pensions, Safe-Harbor & Profit Sharing, Secure ACT 2019)

- After-Tax Non-Qualified Retirement Plans (i.e. Roth's, Annuities, Money Purchase plans,).

- Rollover & Exchange Retirement Plan options

- Self-Directed IRAs and Private Placements (retirement & estate plans).

- Pre-59 ½ Retirement options & In-Service transfer options

Personally, Mr. Hawk has worked with over twenty-five fortune 500 companies, including county and municipal government workers; also, meeting with over 5,000 employees and union members 1 on 1 (face to face) & HIPPA compliant call-centers, during their open enrollment benefit seasons — helping employees and key executives to better understand their benefit options.

Consulting Practice


Professional Experience

2009 – 2020 Direct Path LLC, AL (formerly- Enrollment Advisors)- benefits counselor.

2010 – 2012 Farmington Company, CT – Benefit counselor & enrollments

2004 – 2006 Hodges & Mace Benefit Enrollers, GA – Benefits counselor

1988 – 2000 Los Angeles County Probation Department – Group Supervisor & Ward Mgmt.

1985 – 1987 Dept. of Navy U.S. Embassy, Singapore


30 years as a licensed life, health & retirement plans agent.

Licensed in over 20 states; and was previously a California Notary Public (2006-2010), California Real Estate Agent (1991-1993) and Certified Financial Charitable Advisor (2002).


Christopher Hawk is an author and self -publisher of eight self-help financial books; such as, Secrets of Immigration, The Secrets of Retirement Planning, Secrets of Tax-Deferred Income, Secrets of the Insurance Industry, and Women's Retirement & Insurance Planning — just to name a few.


B.A. in Business Administration, 1992
West Coast University (Los Angeles, CA)

Real Estate principles 1989
West Los Angeles College

Business Communications 1988
American College Applied Arts (Westwood, CA)

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