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I am dedicated to providing trustworthy, valuable assistance in order to give my clients a clear understanding of claims standards and practices. As an expert witness, I strive to turn this complex topic into an easy to understand concept.

I work hard to meet each of my client's individual needs and help them make sense of the confusing intricacies of insurance claims through an honest and direct approach. I am a reliable consultant for both attorneys and laypeople who shares my comprehensive knowledge to help them better understand

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Chantal Roberts on the CMR Consulting Logo

37 second video

Hi. I'm Chantal Roberts of CMR Consulting. I am a insurance litigation support consultant, and I chose the logo for CMR Consulting based on houses with interlocking puzzle pieces. I chose this because a lot of people feel that insurance can be confusing or a puzzle. I'd like to help them put that together whether that's through my consultancy work or as an expert witness.

Give me a call today at 913-335-0612. Thank you.

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