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Forensic experts at Collision Reconstruction Consulting LLC specialize in accident reconstruction. We apply the principles of science and engineering to analyze the causes of accidents and injuries across personal injury and criminal litigation. Common cases examined by our experts include motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. We strive to convey our findings in simple to understand reports, presentations, and illustrations.

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Link Probability of Frontal Airbag Deployment in Vehicle Collisions

Accident reconstruction experts often determine the impact severity of a vehicular collision in their forensic investigations. A common collision severity index is Delta-v, or change in velocity of an object during a collision event. Airbag deployment thresholds can be a useful metric of collision severity in accident reconstruction applications. The National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) has provided a publicly-available database of real world motor vehicle collisions, including event data recorder (EDR) reports retrieved from airbag control modules. These reports typically indicate the airbag deployment status and the corresponding Delta-V of each recorded event.

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Link Accident Reconstruction and Human Factors in Pedestrian Impacts

Accident reconstruction experts are retained to determine what happened in pedestrian collisions by analyzing the physical evidence. Understanding the relative positions between a vehicle and a pedestrian leading up to a collision can help parties determine liability. Experts take into account factors such as the vehicle shape, braking activity, geometry of pedestrian, impact configuration.

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