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Compensation Resources, Inc. (CRI) provides professional Litigation Support, Expert Witness services covering areas of Compensation & related Human Resource Issues.

Litigation Support activities are conducted in an objective, thorough manner, with a view to providing defensible findings. The CRI team is led by Paul R. Dorf, APD, a qualified Expert Witness in the field of Compensation. Paul possesses over thirty years of Compensation and Human Resource-related experience as both a corporate executive and the head of major compensation

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Articles Published by Compensation Resources, Inc.

 Three Things that are Wrong with Most Executive Pay Plans

When a company experiences a decline in its financial numbers, the finger is often pointed at the easiest culprit: the compensation plan.

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 Compensation in the Context of Total Rewards

The newest “buzz phrase” in the compensation world is “Total Rewards.” This includes not only the traditional elements of pay and benefits, but it recognizes that people want to enjoy their work and, when they finish the day’s work, they want a life from which they get pleasure.

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 Incentive Compensation in Family Businesses

Between now and the year 2015 family-owned businesses are going to have to learn to cope with at least three new realities. First, business in general will continue to get more competitive and faster paced, thereby requiring greater management skills.

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 Compensation In Nonprofits

Compensation In Nonprofits: Why Variable Compensation Is An Important Consideration In The Design of Effective Compensation Packages

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