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Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, P.C.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, P.C.

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Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, PC provides case review, neuropsychological examination, diagnosis, treatment, consultation, and forensic services for brain injury/trauma, psychological trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain management, disability evaluation, pediatric psychology, and malingering. CNS doctors are trained and peer-reviewed in systematic and objective measurement of the validity of psychological and brain injury cases and conduct objective measurement of valid vs. invalid claims in cases involving questions of brain disorder, emotional/psychological disorder, and chronic pain.


Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, P.C. offers a full range of psychological and neuropsychological services, both clinical and forensic, to address a broad range of diagnostic and treatment issues.

- Neuropsychological
· Differential diagnosis of known and suspected brain disorders
· Neuropsychological rehabilitation for brain disorders

- Psychological
· Differential diagnosis of known and suspected psychological disorders
· Psychotherapy

· Brain disorders (Traumatic Brain Injury/TBI, Mild Brain Injury, and Catastrophic Brain Injury)

· Coping with illness
· Stress management
· Smoking cessation
· Pain management
· Rehabilitative psychotherapy for physical disabilities
· Physical disabilities
· Severe/chronic illnesses
· Emotional problems
· Dysfunction

• Neuropsychological Examination

Forensic Diagnostic Services may include:

· Informal verbal consultation
· Record review
· Diagnostic interview and history
· Test administration
· Scoring and interpretation
· Reports
· Feedback
· Consultation
· Preparation
· Testimony

Litigation Support Services

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, PC, provides expert witness testimony and litigation support in civil and criminal cases, for both plaintiff and defense.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Validity, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Examinations, Work-related Disability Evaluations, Parent Fitness/Competency.


CNS provides expert witness testimony in civil, criminal, education, workplace, and family (probate) venues for all referral sources including attorneys, insurance companies, educators, individuals, and government agencies seeking accurate and unbiased findings.

· Civil
Claimant/Plaintiff and Respondent/Defendant
Personal injury
Product liability
Medical malpractice – misdiagnosis and standards of care
Peer review

· Criminal
Fitness and competency
Mitigating factors

· Education
School violence
Conflict resolution and avoidance
Due process hearings

· Workplace
Workers' Compensation claims
Fitness for duty exams
Employee assistance program/EAP exams
Work-related disability evaluations

· Family (probate)
Parental fitness/competency

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, PC is a full-service independent neuropsychology group practice of licensed, board certified doctors. CNS has been providing forensic neuropsychological services for more than 30 years with a commitment to accuracy, integrity, and effective communication.

Objective measurement of valid vs. invalid claims relies on accepted procedures to support accurate findings and effective recommendations. Verbal and written reports by CNS doctors are clear, concise and timely. The CNS report format is user-friendly and provides easy access to all aspects of the history and domains of brain function, emotional function, and validity. The CNS report empowers involved parties and triers of fact to identify, manage, and adjudicate legitimate claims in a cost-effective manner with a solid foundation for limiting the adverse impact and expense of invalid claims.

Doctors are both trained and peer reviewed in systematic and objective measurement of claim validity. Accepted procedures support accurate findings and effective recommendations.

Areas Served

All States


· Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology
· Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

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