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Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC

Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC

3000 Green Rd #130260
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48113

Phone(888) 278-9672


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Rocky E. Pittman, MD, CLCP, CEO & Founder. Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC are board-certified, licensed and actively practicing Physicians and Life Care Planners. Cruzora specializes in Medical-Legal Documentation Review and Assessment Reports. We pride ourselves on the highest quality medical reports and expert testimony.

Litigation Support: Cruzora provides objective, defensible and unbiased opinions in a clear and easy-to-understand format. We work with clients, plaintiff and defense attorneys, insurance and government agencies. As physicians, we can independently formulate medical opinions and conclusions.

Cruzora physicians are well-versed on standards of care and delivery of medical services within the healthcare community. Our services are available nationally and internationally.


Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC specializes in:

Medical Records Review with Attention to Causation and Liability
Hospital Institutional Medical Errors
Third-Party Physician Documentation reviews
Medical Cost Projections
Determination of Required Medical Services
Future Medical Costs Associated with the Elderly
Reasonableness of Past Medical Care
Life Expectancy
Life Care Planning due to Catastrophic and Non-Catastrophic Injuries
Expert Witness Designation or Consultative Support

Litigation Support Services

Cruzora is available for consultation support services to assist with medical litigation.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Medical Cost Projections, Hospital Institutional Errors, Reasonableness of Past Medical Care, Documentation Reviews, Future Medical Costs Associated with the Elderly, Determination of Required Medical Services, Medical Records Review for Causation and Liability.

Consulting Practice

All States and International

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