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Dale C. Crawford, CPCU, ARe

Dale C. Crawford, CPCU, ARe

85 Dawn Heath Circle
Littleton, Colorado 80127

Phone(303) 979-3770


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Expert WitnessLitigation Support
Dale Crawford serves as an arbitrator, umpire and expert witness for insurance and reinsurance claims and issues. This includes a myriad of topics, such as underwriting, handling of claims, contract compliance, coverage and jurisdiction, bad faith, and much more. He has experience in handling these cases on both a domestic and international level.


- Arbitration
Service as arbitrator and umpire for dispute resolution between insurers, reinsurers, managing underwriters/agencies, and policyholders. Appointments by domestic and international entities. Issues include claim handling, appropriate underwriting disclosures, and compliance with contract terms.

- Expert Witness Service
Testimony in disputes involving insurance coverage and reinsurance issues-jurisdictions include federal and district courts in numerous states and the United Kingdom. Testimony on issues including bad faith, duties of insurers and agencies; appropriate claim handling, property/construction defect; underwriting, duty to defend, suspected fraud, and many others.

- Special Projects
Litigation support and consulting services for insurers, reinsurers, general agencies, receivers, and state insurance departments. Subject issues include claims, underwriting, accounting, and reinsurance conditions.

Areas of Expertise


Dale Crawford is a 35+ year veteran of the insurance industry, from an underwriter trainee to president of an insurance company. Along the way, he was also an officer at two reinsurance companies for 14 years. His reinsurance experience provided an exceptionally broad view of the industry, dealing with numerous insurance company clients in standard lines, specialties such as home warranties, as well as extensive experience in excess and surplus lines.

As his career progressed, he also became involved in claims as well as general management. Along the way, there were some significant sidesteps out of the ordinary. In the late 1980's in response to numerous insolvencies and disputes across the insurance and reinsurance industries, Dale started Reinsurance Contract Services, Inc., providing litigation support in lawsuits and arbitrations. In 1991, he traveled to Kuwait following the first Gulf War, to assist in damage assessment for the government of Kuwait for presentation to the United Nations, which had required Iraq to pay for the damages it caused from the invasion.

Dale has a special niche in environmental and pollution risks. When pollution hazards were first becoming addressed in the 1970's, he was a reinsurance underwriter working with many insurers as they began developing limitations and exclusions to their policies. This firsthand experience has led to his serving as an expert witness, arbitrator, and umpire in disputes involving environmental, asbestos, and pollution issues. On several occasions, he has served on arbitration panels as arbitrator and umpire when Underwriters at Lloyds, London was a party.

Dale has an MBA degree in finance from the University of Houston, and the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter and Associate in Reinsurance designations. He also has extensive training in the arbitration process by ARIAS-US and has been a Certified Arbitrator since 1998, serving on 32 panels as arbitrator and umpire in disputes between insurers, reinsurers, managing general agencies, and insureds. He has been retained as an expert witness in court and arbitrations in more than 20 states, testifying from Anchorage to London.

Consulting Practice

All States and International

Professional Experience

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Member, American Association of Insurance Management Consultants


- Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter
- Associate in Reinsurance
- Certified Reinsurance/Insurance Arbitrator-AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society, (ARIAS ·US)
- Arbitrator and Umpire Training; Mediation Training, ARIAS-US

Seminars & Training

Numerous presentations including Ethics in Arbitration; Small Loss=Huge Verdict; When Things Go Really Wrong in the Claims process, and many others.


The ISO Pollution Exclusion-How Far Does It Go? published by the American Association of Insurance Management Consultants, December 2009

Consulting in the Insurance Industry, published by the CPCU Society, May 2011

An Arbitrator's Perspective-Some Thoughts on How Arbitration Should Work. Published in ARIAS Quarterly by AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society Newsletter, Third Quarter, 2011

Managing General Agency v. Insurance Company Disputes-Why Does History Continue to Repeat. Published in newsletter, American Association of Insurance Management Consultants


Bachelor of Business Administration Program, University of Houston
Master of Business Administration Degree, University of Houston

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