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Dataflurry is an organic search engine optimization firm with a firm knowledge assisting law firms, individual lawyers and attorneys with improving their rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN alike.

Dataflurry is a well known and trusted provider of engine optimization services. Dataflurry's foundation dates back to 1996 when the founder of Dataflurry started his first online business. We focus on doing everything ethically according to the search engines guidelines. This is extremely important because, over the years, it has been easy for experienced search engine optimization specialists to realize that if you don't follow Google's guidelines you run the risk of destroying a website's reputation online.

We are experts in terms of building website authority and targeting the correct keywords to change your website into an organic search engine powerhouse. We have several clients we have been working with for over 10 years!

Dataflurry does not place clients into time-based commitments, we ask that you remain a client because you are happy with the efforts and results from the campaign! Read our articles to learn a little bit more about our team!


What To Expect From Our Services

Search engine optimization is a unique science and the search engines have designed their algorithms to limit the chances for overnight success. Therefore both parties need to set realistic goals before each other. There are a variety of factors that play into how fast you will see results. Major factors include;

Your current website authority

The amount of competition in your industry

The amount of time needed to optimize your website.

There are many companies out there that will sell you on promises to do incredible things to your website in a short amount of time. Buyer beware, even Google has stated that you should avoid people making these promises. The only thing that website owners can rely on these days is testimonials and references, which Dataflurry has plenty of! Realistically, we want you to expect 1st-page rankings for major terms relating to your industry in Google, Yahoo & MSN. We will attempt to give you an honest estimate of how much time it will take to provide you with these results. We almost always beat expectations that are set before us, however, there are unique situations where our goals take longer than expected. We have an excellent grasp on what factors play into providing top search engine rankings, and we re-invest the money into our services to ensure we utilize the best technology to get you where you need to be. We are very confident in our service offerings, and we would love the opportunity to welcome you to our family and make you another satisfied customer of Dataflurry.

The reason that so many customers are happy with Dataflurry's services is simple, we apply a wealth of knowledge and dedicate a large amount of time to obtaining top rankings for all of our clients. If we feel we can't meet clients needs within their allocated budget, we will not work with them. Due to our high standards of providing quality services, Dataflurry will only take on projects that have the opportunity to see noticeable success. We pride ourselves on working with websites that can truly succeed so that we maintain a highly recommended name in this industry. We are one of the very few search engine marketing companies that are willing to show our client base and client testimonials, as well as provide client references. The reason is simple, we are proud of the work that we perform.

We Aren't Just Here To Monetize, We Specialize

Dataflurry specializes in offering search engine optimization services, and that is it. We are specialists, which means that we don't offer every service known to man in order to pull a quick profit. We focus on our niche of organic search engine marketing. We work with one type of client; customers who want online success!

Constantly Innovate With Proactive Service

We don't limit ourselves to only providing you with one top search engine ranking that will provide you with minimal success. We do something more! We focus on intertwining your website with quality content that works in combination with our keyword research. This helps to saturate your website with the wording needed to bring traffic from hundreds or thousands of keywords relevant to your website.

We don't focus on responding to issues when they arrive, we attempt to avoid issues before they arise by focusing on proactive customer service. We call it professionals working for professionals proactively instead of reactively.

Areas of Expertise


1. Integrity Is Key At Dataflurry

We are upfront with everything that we do. We never try to persuade you or attempt to hide anything from you in order to improve our appearance or sell you something that you don't need. We work to obtain long term relationships, we don't just aim to make a quick buck. Finding a full-service search engine optimization company with integrity, knowledge and experience is a difficult task in today's market. Luckily, you have come across a company that is equipped with all 3 of these qualities!

2. Small Company With Large Service

We are a small company that offers personalized service, and we are proud to have a friendly & talented team that makes a positive impact for our customers on a daily basis. Often times, when clients work with large companies they lose the personalized service and accountability needed to truly succeed in a tough industry.

3. What Sets Dataflurry Apart From Their Competition

Incredibly personal customer service

We offer ethical "white hat" SEO services

We have amazing client retention rates

We don't have you agree to a long term service contract

We offer regular ranking reports to our active customers

In all reality, we could go on bragging about our services and try to convince you why Dataflurry is the right team for the job. But we believe that actions speak much louder than words, therefore we recommend that you view a large number of positive testimonials displayed on our website. Simply visit

4. What Are The Main Benefits Of Top Search Rankings

Unfortunately, if you aren't in the top 5 slots of one or all of the major search engines, you are missing out on a large amount of potential business. There is no way to guarantee specific amounts of traffic from certain terms, however, we can provide quality keyword research to show you how often certain key term search requests are taking place. We also apply focus to creating appealing text that will improve the click-through rates from search engine users to your website (if it needs improvement).

Studies often times show that approximately half of search engine users will click on the first or second organic result that displays in major search engines. If there are websites succeeding in your industry from their online presence, we believe there is definitely a large opportunity for your website if you obtain top search engine rankings.

According to a Search Engine User Behavior study by Iprospect, 40% of people will review the entire first page of search engine results to make a decision. Users will often time click on the first relevant site they see. Also, 62% of search engine users don't look past the first page of results, and the remaining 38% are extremely picky about what they will choose past page 1.

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Working in all states within North America.

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