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David Allen Burgess

David Allen Burgess

576 Fifth Avenue
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New York, New York 10036

Phone(337) 366-1197


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Mr. David Burgess is an engineer and researcher. His areas of expertise are telecommunications, radio-location, radio-navigation, cellular networks, and cellphone intercept and tracking systems. He has more than 20 years of experience as a practicing in these areas in both civilian commercial companies and in military/government applications.

Mr. Burgess provides expert witness or consultant services to in the areas of telecommunications, SIM forensics, cell tower data analysis, activity record analysis, and related areas. He has particularly deep experience in the areas of cell phone location/triangulation, cellphone interception systems (Stingray-type systems), and reverse-engineering. He works in both civil and criminal cases and has provided training to US government personnel in the areas of cell phone interception and location.


Expert witness or consultant for plaintiff or defense.

Typical services:
* GPS record analysis
* Cellular network performance and coverage
* Software analysis.
* Cell tower data analysis
* Historical cell site analysis
* Cell site location information (CSLI)
* Call data record analysis
* Cell phone tracking
* Call detail records (CDRs)
* Cell phone carrier records
* Performance analysis of radio navigation systems (GPS, VOR, GNSS)
* Cell network coverage and performance

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Cell Towers


Mr. Burgess' areas of expertise are telecommunications, radio-location, radio-navigation, cellular networks, and cellphone intercept and tracking systems.

He was the primary author of OpenBTS, a widely used tool for cellular technology education, cellphone testing, cellular security research, and basic cellular service in some public networks. He developed the signal analysis and target location algorithms and software for cellphone tracking systems used successfully by US special forces in combat operations and has worked on several US government projects in the area of telecommunications intelligence collection.

Areas Served

All States

Professional Experience

Mr. Burgess currently directs a company that develops cellular network equipment and test equipment, and supports mobile network operators in the design and deployment of their cellular networks. Prior to this commercial work, he worked for 10 years on US government projects to intercept and track cellular handsets and other radio equipment.


Mr. Burgess has held Secret and Top Secret security clearances at various times in his career.

Seminars & Training

Mr. Burgess has conducted several training sessions in cellular technology and security, for corporations and for US government personnel. He has also conducted the follow publicly-announcing workshops:

DeepSec, Vienna, Austria, Nov 2021. “Mobile Network Operations and Security”, a 2-day workshop giving an overview of security risks in the mobile network.

OpenBTS, Pfarrkirchen, Germany, Jun 2013, “OpenBTS Workshop”, a training session for engineers wanting to use the OpenBTS open source GSM implementation.

OpenBTS, Pfarrkirchen, Germany, Jun 2010, “OpenBTS Workshop”, a training session for engineers wanting to use the OpenBTS open source GSM implementation.

DeepSec, Vienna, Austria, Nov 2009. “Security on the GSM Air Interface”, a 2-day workshop presented together with Harald Welte.


United States Patents
These are US patents where Mr. Burgess is named as an inventor.
Some of these patents are also filed internationally.

10,362,493 High-bandwidth beamforming LTE Base Station
8,253,627 Position determination with NRSC-5 digital radio signals
8,233,091 Positioning and time transfer using television synchronization signals
7,519,271 Low attention recording with particular application to social recording
7,498,873 Wide-lane pseudorange measurements using FM signals
7,194,186 Flexible marking of recording data by a recording unit
6,934,461 Low attention recording, with particular application to social recording
6,825,875 Hybrid recording unit including portable video recorder and auxiliary device
6,720,876 Untethered position tracking system
6,563,532 Low attention recording unit for use by vigorously active recorder
6,011,754 Personal object detector with enhanced stereo imaging capability
5,724,313 Personal object detector

Peer-Reviewed Publications

D. A. Burgess, TECHNIQUES FOR LOW-COST SPATIAL AUDIO, Proceedings of the 5th ACM Conference on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), December 1992, Monterey, CA.

W. A. Gardner, D. A. Burgess, and C. W. Reed, COMPUTATIONALLY EFFICIENT MIMO DEMODULATION, Proceedings of the 11th Virginia Tech Symposium on Wireless Personal Communications, June 2001, Blacksburg, VA.

W. A. Gardner, D. A. Burgess, and C. W. Reed, FOUR ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE COST REDUCTION IN THE VITERBI ALGORITHM, Proceedings of the 34th IEEE Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, November 2001, Monterey, CA.


MS Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1993

BE Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1991

Articles Published by David Allen Burgess

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 Proactive SMS and a Claim of Distracted Driving

From time to time, an attorney will request cellphone activity records from a mobile operator, and those records will show some text messages to and from strange numbers. There is a good chance that the person who uses the phone never sent or saw these messages. And if this happens in the middle of a legal case where cellphone activity is an issue, the resulting confusion can be a source of doubt and error.

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