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David G. Dwinell

11116 West California Avenue, Suite J
Youngtown, Arizona 85363

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Mr. Dwinell has negotiated the movement of and administered the billing and paying of over 91,000 cargoes since 1980, including the negotiation and settlement of pertinent claims issues. He has investigated, tracked, compiled freight rate and market freight rate data since 1981, and consequently is a leading authority of the economics of freight pricing and market values for air and surface transportation.

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 When is a Broker a Common Carrier?

Forty percent (40%) of trucking business is brokered (about $300 Billion in 2007). The liability of the broker is in question. One motor carrier hiring another motor carrier is brokering and by far is the majority of the billions of the percentage figure quoted above. Both of these carriers are 100% liable for loss, one to the other.

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