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David Levenberg

David Levenberg

Center Security Services, Inc.
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Boca Raton, Florida 33433

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Shopping center security and retail loss prevention consultant for industry and attorneys. Provide expert witness services on cases regarding inadequate security, hiring and training of security personnel, company policy, CCTV equipment, lighting, foreseeability, negligent security and more.

Litigation Support Services

Mr. Levenberg provides unbiased and impartial expert testimony and litigation support services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

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Professional Experience

35 years as a corporate security executive in the shopping center and retail industry, a degree in criminology, and his past tenure as the chairman of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Security Committee have provided Mr. Levenberg with a unique perspective of the retail security industry. He also worked very closely with the legal department, risk management department and insurance carriers participating in reviews and investigations related to litigation brought against companies and he has experience with a contract security company, so has seen the inner workings of both the contractor and the corporations. He has testified in court and deposition over 100 times in his career.


American Society of Industrial Security, Retail Loss Prevent Committee
International Council of Shopping Centers, former Security Committee Chairman
International Security Managers Association (former member)
National Retail Federation


The Parking Security Report Jan 1997: Discussion of a kidnap / rape / murder case and the landowner’s obligation to provide security.
Shopping Center Management Insider, April 1998: Reduce liability for parking lot crimes by meeting lighting standards. Why it is important to meet or exceed established standards for light levels.
Shopping Center Management Insider, September 2000: “Institute parental escort policy to cut down on rowdy teens and increase sales”.
Access Control & Security Systems Integration Magazine, May 2001: An article discussing the use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in General Growth Malls.
Professional Office Building Management Newsletters, May 2001: “Screen security consultants to avoid costly recommendations”.
ICSC Government Relations Report, June 2003: Q&A on shopping centers being “soft targets” for terrorism.
Professional Office Building Management Newsletter, January 2004: A discussion of the pros and cons of using “blast proof” trash cans to minimize damage and injury in the event an explosive device is detonated.
Shopping Center Management Insider, March 2004: The use of public / private partnership with the Federal Government to share information.
Professional Office Building Management Newsletter, June 2004: An article about the use of shatterproof film on glass doors windows and skylights in malls.
Bergan County Record Newspaper, May 2004: “Malls urged to address terror issue”. Panel discussion around preparing malls against terrorist attacks.
Homeland Security Magazine, June 2004: “Keeping shopping centers safe”. A general discussion of what the mall industry is doing to guard against terrorism.
Newhouse News Service, 2005: “Wary of terrorism, malls take steps to boost security”. Discuss ICSC’s project with George Washington University to develop an online Terrorism Awareness Course for Mall security officers.
Shopping Center Management Insider, February 2005: “Do background checks on temporary employees”.


B.S. Criminology, California State University at Long Beach, Graduated with High Honors, 1976.

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