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Experienced in the design, specification, procurement, installation, start-up, education of personnel, and maintenance of equipment in highly technical metal processing facilities. Has repeatedly carried out multi-million-dollar projects from the original idea to the successful completion and operat

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Articles Published by David N. Kobernuss, B.S., M.S., P.E.

 Injury from an Explosion of a Steel Reheat Furnace

A worker was injured when a gas fired furnace exploded. Expert’s Job Assignment: To assist with the case by the plaintiff against any third party equipment suppliers and various contractors.

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 Death on an Electric Arc Furnace

A welder was killed while doing maintenance on an electrode arm on an electric arc furnace. Expert’s Job Assignment: To assist with the case by the plaintiff widow against a third party industrial company and various contractors.

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 Injury on a Fork Truck

A worker was injured while working from the uplifted forks of a fork truck. Expert’s Job Assignment: Analyze the accident cause for the insurance company.

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 Electrocution in a Backyard

A renter was killed when he stepped on a 120 volt supply line feeding a garage. Expert’s Job Assignment: To act on behalf of the widow’s lawsuit.

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 Electrocution on an Amusement Park Ride

A maintenance man was killed when he came in contact with an ungrounded and energized car on an amusement park ride.

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 Electrocution on a Paper Cutting Press Due to Poor Grounding

This happened during a maintenance operation. Deceased was replacing the dies on a paper cutting machine, a “Press” in this case. The press was designed to cut heavy paperboard into the proper shapes for further processing. He reached into the press below the die area for a dropped screw or nut with his left hand when his right calf came into contact with the exit conveyor frame. Evidently there was a source of voltage that had energized the conveyor frame, thus causing his death.

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