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Doug Johnston, Managing Director, Five Management, LLC

100 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 700

Santa Monica, California 90401

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We provide expert witness support in three areas:
1) Commercial banking and lending. Doug Johnston has designed, built, staffed and managed five full-service bank offices in Texas and California, and served as one of the youngest bank presidents in US history. He has held virtually every major functional operational and lending position in commercial banking from New Accounts to President and Director, and has lent over $2 Billion across most major industries.
2) Mergers & Acquisitions.

Areas of Expertise

Articles Published by Doug Johnston, Managing Director, Five Management, LLC

Link Due Diligence and Merger & Acquisition Litigation

An insider's understanding of the processes and objectives of the initial due diligence communications between the parties can help unravel later disputes in business transactions.

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Link Preparation and Growth are Keys in New Corporate Finance Deals

Companies seeking to close new transactions with commercial banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, or investment banks will do well to consider advance preparation in a few key areas.

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Link Structured Finance and Commercial Banks as Conduits

Over the past ten to fifteen years, the role of commercial banks has shifted dramatically where they have migrated into collateralized 'structured finance' loan portfolio products, including home mortgage loans, for sale into the securities markets. This article addresses this market phenomenon.

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