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Dr. Jacob Sharony - Mobius Consulting

Dr. Jacob Sharony - Mobius Consulting

1488 Deer Park Avenue
North Babylon, New York 11703

Phone(888) 829-2457


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Mobius Consulting is a team of industry and academic experts with extensive knowledge of mobile and wireless technologies. We have participated early on in the standards bodies (IEEE 802.11x, 802.15.x, 802.16x, 3GPP) helping to drive adoption of mobile and wireless technologies by the industry at large. Our expertise spans across the radio, network and application layers:

WLAN – 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ad/ah/ax/ay
5G wireless technologies
4G wireless technologies - LTE, LTE-A
mmWave wireless communications for backhaul and mobile access
HetNets, Small-cells and DAS
Enterprise mobility and visibility
WiMAX – 802.16d/e (fixed/mobile)
ZigBee – 802.15.4
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Video streaming over WLAN
MIMO and smart antenna
RTLS – location tracking
RFID networks
QoS and Security
Mesh (ad hoc) networks
Mobile applications and services
Wearable computing devices
Wireless sensor networks
Digital Home technologies
Smart cities


Mobius Consulting offers diverse services leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in enterprise and vertical markets including telecom, healthcare, energy, transportation, government, supply chain and logistics. Many of our experts have been involved in mobile and wireless technologies since the mid 90's when enterprise mobility and total enterprise visibility were conceived. Our services include:

Technology and product strategy
Network architecture design
System analysis
Modeling and simulations
Algorithms development
RF site survey
Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point backhaul design
Vetting new concepts
Product development and rapid prototyping
System integration and deployment
Research / position / marketing white papers
Product evaluation / competitive analysis
RFI/RFP development/processing
Education and training
Intellectual property / patent assistance
Expert witness

Litigation Support Services

Mobius Consulting wireless experts have served as wireless expert witness on several patent and class action lawsuits. We provide the following patent litigation services:

Prior-art research
Claim interpretation and construction
Infringement / invalidity analysis
Writing expert reports
HW/SW product analysis
Deposition and/or testimony in court

Our wireless experts include:

RF Experts
Mobile Experts (devices, protocols and applications)
WiFi Experts (802.11)
LTE Experts (3GPP)
WiMAX Experts (802.16)
Bluetooth/BLE (802.15.1) and ZigBee (802.15.4)
RFID Experts
Antenna Experts
Security Experts (802.1x, Hotspot 2.0)
Small Cells Experts

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

WLAN – 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ad/ah/ax/ay, 5G wireless technologies, 4G wireless technologies - LTE, LTE-A, mmWave wireless communications for backhaul and mobile access, HetNets, Small-cells and DAS, Enterprise mobility and visibility, WiMAX – 802.16d/e (fixed/mobile), ZigBee – 802.15.4, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Backhaul, VoIP, VoWLAN, Video streaming over WLAN, MIMO and smart antenna, RTLS – location tracking, RFID networks, QoS and Security, Mesh (ad hoc) networks, Mobile applications and services, Wearable computing devices, Wireless sensor networks, Muni-wireless, Digital Home technologies, Smart cities.


Mobius Consulting is an independent consulting firm specializing in mobile and wireless technologies. The company was founded in 2004 by a team of industry and academic experts with wealth of experience and expertise in wireless technologies and enterprise mobility.

We serve enterprise and various vertical markets including telecom, healthcare, energy, transportation and logistics, retail, education and government. Our customers include general enterprises, equipment vendors, service providers, entrepreneurs, investors and entities seeking expert advice.

Our mission is to help our customers to better understand the mobile/wireless domain, advise on mobile and wireless strategy, solve technology/business challenges, and provide innovative solutions for superior performance and differentiation.

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Professional Experience

Our company's chief expert is Dr. Jacob Sharony, an accomplished scientist and executive with over 25 years in technology and business experience, with particular strengths in vision, strategy and technology innovation. He is principal consultant at Mobius Consulting an independent consulting firm focused on mobile and wireless technologies. Dr. Sharony is an adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Columbia university. He was VP innovation at Powerwave Technologies a leader in wireless infrastructure solutions. Before that he was director of network technologies research at SUNY Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology. He spent eight years with Motorola (formerly Symbol Technologies) enterprise mobility division. At Motorola he served as senior director research and development and technology strategy pioneering novel wireless architectures and mobile products.

Prior to Motorola, he held engineering and management positions in diverse technology disciplines at BAE Systems, NEC Research Institute, and IBM Research. Dr. Sharony received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University and MBA from Tel-Aviv University. He has over 50 patents and has published extensively in scientific journals and conferences. He consults and serves as an advisor to industry and government on mobile and wireless technologies.


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Columbia University, New York, NY
PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1993.
M.Phil, Electrical Engineering, 1991.

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
MBA, Recanati Business School, Finance and Marketing, 1989.
BSc./MSc., magna cum laude, Electrical Engineering, 1984.

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