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Dr. Matthew C. Lee, MD, RPh, MS is a practicing Physician and Pharmacist with Master's of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Since Dr. Lee began providing Medical and Pharmacy Expert-Witness/Consultation services, his dual credentials have made his services highly desirable and sought after nat

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Articles Published by Dr. Matthew C. Lee, MD, RPh, MS

 Two Cases Alleging Dilaudid Overdose: Sometimes It Is, Sometimes It Is Not. Paying Attention to Details

Dilaudid is commonly used opioid narcotic analgesic in hospitals due to its potency and effectiveness in the management of acute pain. On occasion, patients may be administered too much Dilaudid resulting in an “overdose”. If the patient is not being appropriately monitored and/or if the overdose is not readily detected and reversed, the results can be devastating. Although, Dilaudid is not the cause of “code blue” events in every patient that is given Dilaudid either.

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 Assessing Marijuana Intoxication

Is there a way to reliably determine impairment due to marijuana consumption?

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