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Dr. Richard J. Stride, Psy.D., MBA, LPC, LMHC

Dr. Richard J. Stride, Psy.D., MBA, LPC, LMHC

Olympia, Washington 98501

Phone(360) 388-7222


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Richard J. Stride, Psy.D., MBA, LPC, LMHC has been providing forensic mental health services to attorneys and courts since 1996. He has been an expert witness and/or consulted in over 100 cases. He is the current CEO at Cascade Community Healthcare, Centralia, WA
Dr. Stride has been an expert witness and or consulted on cases related to child custody, competency, criminal behavior, developmental disability and work place harassment. He can also create custom reports and is available for case specific consultation.


Forensic services include competency, diminished capacity, child custody, workplace harassment, criminal responsibility, child abuse, developmental disabilities, psychological testing, and consultation.

Evaluations completed for:
Child Custody
Criminal Trial
Probation/Parole Purposes
Medical Fitness for Surgery
Employment Screening
Second Opinion Evaluations
Focus on or aid in Legal/Medical/Forensic/Expert Testimony/Review of Pertinent Case Data or other help in Case Preparation.

Other Services:
Comprehensive Written Reports
Expert Testimony in Court for Evaluations Completed
Attorney Case Consultation
Specific Forensic Mental Health Reports containing Specialized Information that can be helpful to or in Case Presentation.

Mental Health Evaluations may include:
Mental Status Exam
PsychoSocial History
Medical History (including drug/alcohol history)
Employment History
Educational History
Incarceration History (if applicable)
Military History (if applicable)
Assessment (Diagnostic Tools)
Review of Collateral Information
Review of Collateral Witnesses
Diagnosis (Axis I, II, III, IV, V)
Comprehensive Written Report - as requested

Child Custody Evaluations may include:
The above for each parent
Evaluation (above) and assessment of each child
Home Visits to each parent
Collateral Interviews
Parent-Child Observations (in office/in home)
Assessment of Joint Custody Suitability
Assessment of Abuse
Comprehensive Written Report - as ordered/requested

Assessment/Diagnostic Tools can include:
Personality Assessment Inventory
Becks Depression Inventory
Becks Anxiety Inventory
Uniform Child Custody Evaluation System
Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test
Slossan Intelligence Test

Litigation Support Services

Richard J. Stride, Psy.D., LPC, LMHC, NCP provides forensic mental health services to lawyers, courts, and families:

* Child Custody Issues and Evaluations
* Child develop mental abuse
* Competency
* Parent Evaluations
* Developmental Disabilities
* Diminished Capacity
* Professional Competence
* Ethics
* Criminal Behavior
* Conflict Resolution

The forensic evaluation includes comprehensive psychosocial information, interviews, and testing, to focus on or aid in legal medical forensic expert testimony review of pertinent case data or other help in case preparation. Additionally it may include a report, not covered by insurance, containing specialized information that can be helpful to or in case preparation.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Developmental Disabilities, Accidental Death, Pathology, Child Custody, Competency, Jury Selection, Child Abuse, Ethics, Licensure & Practice, Professional Conduct, Memory, Diminished Capacity, Stand of Care, Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Diagnosis, Law Enforcement, Fitness for duty, PTSD


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado and a Licensed Mental Counselor in Washington State. I have been a Therapist, Clinical Operations Director, and Chief Executive Officer in Community Behavioral Agencies for over 25 years. I am a Specialist for Medicaid consultation with Children, Geriatric, and Developmental Disabilities in Washington State.

I hold the Diplomate credential in Forensic Mental Health as a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator with the National Board of Forensic Evaluators. I have been qualified as an Expert Witness in Colorado, and Washington State.

I have taught workshops and seminars in various areas of mental health including, Ethics, School Shootings, Depression, and Forensic Expert Witness.

Consulting Practice

All States

Professional Experience

Cascade Community Healthcare-CEO

Catholic Family & Child Services - Clinical & Operations Director

Private forensic mental health practice - Provide consultation, training, and mental health services to area agencies. Conduct forensic evaluations and Guardian ad Litem services to courts and area attorneys.

Chelan-Douglas Behavioral Health Clinic - Clinical Director

BSM Counseling and Training Center - Supervisor (part time supervisor, part time contact)

Fairfax Hospital - Psychiatric assessment team

United States Army Reserve - Captain, Honorable Discharge, Combat Stress Control unit, 73B Psychologist

Aurora Mental Health Center - Clinician emergency, and crisis evaluator, social service consultant

Jefferson Center for mental health - Clinician, child and family social service consultant

Las Animas County Department of Social Services - Psychotherapist, clinician and consultant

Huerfano County Department of social Services - Psychotherapist, clinician and consultant

Baca County Department of Social Services - Psychotherapist, clinician, consultant and expert witness

Southeast Colorado hospital - Psychotherapist, mental health team member Alzheimer’s Unit

Drug Free communities - Psychotherapist

El Refugio family services - Psychotherapist


Licensed Professional Counselor - Colorado
Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Washington


National Certified Counselor - National
Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator
Guardian ad Litem - Washington State
Developmental Disabilities - Washington State
Child Specialists - Washington State
National Board of Forensic Evaluators - Affiliate Trainer
Certified in Geriatrics
Certified Child Custody Evaluator - National Board of Forensic Evaluators
NCP - National
Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist - National

Legal Experience & Services

Extensive knowledge of forensic mental health evaluations as well as effective case presentation in court. Dr. Stride has been qualified in court as an expert witness in mental health, child abuse, adult psychopathology, developmental disabilities and child custody.


National Board of Forensic Evaluators
National Board for Certified Counselors
American Mental Health Counselors Association
Northamerican Association of Masters in Psychology
Professional Psychologist Certfication Board


I have been an expert witness and/or consulted in over 70 cases.

Awards & Honors

Honor Society
California Coast University
Magna Cum Laude
California Southern University

Leaders in Quality Care Award Southeast Colorado Hospital, Springfield, CO

The United States Army Commendation Medal (for outstanding performance as a commander and a leader)
396th Combat Support Hospital
Vancouver, WA

Seminars & Training

"Forensic mental health services" - American Counseling Association 2008 convention
"Evidenced based clinical practices in mental health" - Catholic family & Child services
“Recognizing sexual abuse in children”, Wenatchee CASA program
“Counseling theories and interventions”, Ft. Lewis Army Reserve Base
“Defusings and debriefings after a trauma for families and victims”, Ft. Lewis Army Reserve Base
“Grief and trauma”
“Self-esteem and issues of personal development"
“Stress for healthcare workers,” Emergency and nursing departments
“Depression, coping with it, and its treatment"
“Compulsive eating"


Editorial positions:
1996 – Editorial consultant, college psychology text review and editing committee, developmental psychology (adult and child), abnormal psychology, psychological theories, brain development sections – Delmar Publishers

Publications and research:
Fun in psychotherapy with children - Family Counseling Journal, September 1996.

Assessment of the effects of self-instructed vs. Instructed cognitive-behavioral; A training program on
student’s worry and emotionality as components of test anxiety - Doctoral Publication, California Southern University.

Self-concept dynamics in an Evangelical Christian setting - Doctoral dissertation, Covington seminary.

Professional References

Norman E. Hoffman
Ph.D., Ed.D., LMFT, LMHC
President - National Board of Forensic Evaluators
(386) 677-3995

Valerie G. Watt
Vice President - National Board of Forensic Evaluators
(386) 677-3995


MBA Healthcare Management, California Coast University
Graduate Certificate Executive Healthcare, Cornell University
Psy.D. Psychology, California Southern University
M.S. Psychology, California Coast University
Ph.D. Counseling, Covington Theological Seminary
Th.M. Theology, Covington Theological Seminary
B.S., Religion/Philosophy, Southern Nazarene University

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