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Dr. William M. Turner

610 Gold Avenue, SW - Suite 111
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

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Dr. Turner is the Principal in WaterBank a nationally recognized firm specializing in every aspect of the water business from resource validation, brokerage, title abstracts, title opinions, escrow services, water resource exploration, ground water exploration, water quality, water investments.

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Link Thermonics and Groundwater Exploration

Traditional methods of groundwater exploration only detect properties of the earth through which water flows. Only Thermonic methods actually measure a property of the water as it exists in the subsurface. Thermonics is the name of a geophysical method of groundwater exploration.

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Link Water Rights - What Are They?

In most states, one cannot divert and use either surface water or ground water without the legal permission to do so. The legal authority to divert and capture water is called a water right. Within the United States it is generally necessary to have the legal right to divert and capture either surface or ground water. The legal right to divert and capture water is called a water right.

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