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As an expert in credit related damages, mortgage lending, credit reporting, and scoring, Doug Minor serves as a litigation consultant/expert witness for those involved in credit reporting, credit scoring, credit damages as well as mortgage litigation and divorce matters. Doug works with both Defendants and Plaintiffs attorneys and has worked on over 125 cases. Having a pragmatic disposition as well a broad base of experience in business, credit, mortgage and personal finance he has the unique knowledge, academics and real life experience to

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Link Can Your Credit Score and Credit Reputation Be Recoverable Damages in a Divorce? Yes

Doug Minor, Is a Credit Scoring, Credit Reporting, Personal Finance and Mortgage Expert. He has served as a FCRA Credit Reporting, Credit Scoring, Mortgage and Damages expert witness in over 125 cases in both Federal and State Courts across the U.S.

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Link Harm to Credit

The financial impact to someone’s credit profile after it has been harmed.

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