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Mr. Ferreira is the owner and general manager of Eleuthera Associates, LLC and PDF Construction Co. Inc.. He has over 40 years of "hands-on", "in the field" experience, and is multi-disciplined in construction, operating heavy equipment and trucks, project management, safety and cost management relating to municipal and state, heavy and highway construction, as well as institutional, commercial and residential construction. He has an extensive working background in excavation, concrete work, streetscapes, underground utilities (sewer, water and drainage), roadway and parking lot improvements (sidewalks, curbs, ramps, grading, paving, and walls), roadway and site excavation, guardrails, fencing, street lighting, traffic signalization, landscaping, roadway signage, pavement striping, traffic control in work zones, Connecticut DOT traffic control and permitting requirements, and work zone pedestrian safety.

Mr. Ferreira is also highly experienced in highway and street construction, trenching, safe operation of construction tools, sidewalk and pavement maintenance, general concrete construction, and defective walkways and pavements. He is an expert regarding " in the field" industry standards, common practices, means and methods, project management and sequencing, ADA pedestrian requirements, OSHA general contractor/subcontractor site safety responsibilities and general site safety. Mr. Ferreira has been successfully retained since 2008, on a variety of cases, including slip/trip and fall due to defective pavements, unsafe site and/or operations, worker injury/death, roadway work zone worker run-over, worker injury due to unsafe heavy equipment operation, worker injury due to unsafe loading/off-loading of construction materials, pedestrian injuries due to negligence and lack of pedestrian safety devices, faulty installation of temporary stairs, resulting in worker injury, pedestrian injury due to lack of standards of care resulting from construction debris on a public walkway, property damage causation, and defective and/or poor workmanship.

Additionally, he is extensively knowledgeable with the customary documentation, procedures, and communications used in the construction industry, as well as applicable industry standards and methods. He is available to provide consultation, document review, analysis and research, opinions and/or reports, video and/or mockup reconstruction, and testimony in all 50 states.


Eleuthera Associates LLC, has assisted law firms in New England and other states, since 2008.

Our services include:

- Providing consultation throughout, from complaint to settlement
- Site inspection, including photographic and videographic recordings
- Documentation review
- Assistance with preparation of discovery and deposition questions
- Analysis and research. Opinions and/or reports
- Video and/or mockup reconstruction
- Expert testimony

Our areas of expertise include:

Construction-related accidents
- OSHA rules and regulations specific to areas of expertise
- ADA requirements pertaining to walking surfaces and ramps
- Work zone and site safety
- Pedestrian safety in work zones
- Pedestrian safety on walkways, curbs, ramps and pavements
- Slips, trips and falls
- Personal injury
- Worker injury
- ATSSA safe traffic management guidelines
- Maintenance and protection of traffic in work zones
- Construction industry standards
- Means and methods
- Review construction plans, specifications and details
- Damages from operations
- Review the safe operation of heavy and earth moving equipment
- Review the safe operation of construction trucks and trailers
- Review the safe operation of construction power and hand tools

Manholes and covers
Crushed by
Unsafe backing
Personal protective equipment
Traffic control devices
Unsafe loading and unloading of construction materials
Temporary stair collapse
Vehicle crash in a work zone
Soil erosion
Sewer, water, and drainage systems
Trench shoring
Retaining walls
Concrete mixer
Skidsteer Loader
Road saw or concrete saw
Construction signs
Concrete barrier
Dump truck
Speed bump
Backup alarm
Flashing beacon
Hoist or lift
Jersey barrier
Traffic drums
Call before you dig or 811
Street improvements
Roadway improvements
Sewer lines
Storm drains
Concrete stairs
Street light installation
CDL requirements
Road signs
Concrete demolition

Construction Claims
- Review plans, specifications, contracts, notices, change orders, RFIs, submittals, correspondence, and punch lists.
- Review and analyze compliant/s
- Analyze materials and methods used
- Perform and on-site evaluation of claim/s
- Estimate damages, excess costs, and lost profits
- Review schedules, contract time, and liquidated damages assessed
- Propose settlements
- Propose corrective actions due to workmanship and material issues
- Analyze causation of property or other damage
- Analyze causation of monetary damages

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Poor Workmanship; Crushed By; Run Over; Heavy Equipment; Construction Equipment; Trucks; Traffic Control; Pedestrian Safety; Manhole; Walkways; Roadways; Streets; Pipelines; Retaining Walls; Erosion Control; Flagman; Sawcutting; Soils; Storm Drains; PPE; Stairs; Curbs; Ramps; Street Lights; CDL, Road Signs; Concrete Demolition.


Mr. Ferreira is the owner and general manager of Eleuthera Associates, LLC and PDF Construction Co. Inc.. He has over 40 years of "hands-on" experience working in the field. He continues to operate both businesses, providing construction services as both a general contractor and subcontractor. Additionally, Eleuthera Associates, LLC has also provided Expert Witness and consultation since 2008. Eleuthera Associates, LLC has assisted law firms on a variety of cases, including unsafe pavement slips and falls, unsafe worksite personal injury cases, roadway work zone accidents, unsafe heavy equipment operation, unsafe loading and unloading of construction materials, pedestrian injuries related to lack of safety measures, Temporary stair collapse worker injury, defective pavements, defective materials and workmanship, and property damage due to negligent maintenance.

Mr. Ferreira's extensive "in-the-trenches" experience provides him the unique ability to objectively analyze a case based on practical experience, complemented with theoretical knowledge. His practical experience is what sets him apart from most other experts in this field. Over decades, Mr. Ferreira has witnessed established as well as questionable practices performed, which in combination with his practical experience and field expertise has helped numerous clients settle cases with favorable outcomes. He is available to consult with law firms in all 50 states.

Areas Served

All 50 States.

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