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Elite Consultants Inc.

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Elite Consultants Inc. is a Carpet & Flooring Consultant and Inspections service company serving NY, NJ & CT specializing in slip & fall claims, slip, trip & fall accident investigations as it relates to carpet and flooring installations, maintenance and design evaluations. Since 1987 Elite Consultants, Inc has assisted Attorneys through all phases of legal action.

Investigations are conducted with analytical skills developed from many years of forensic consultation, litigation support and expert witness testimony.

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Link Who Are Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Hard Surface and Slip, Trip, and Fall Expert Witnesses?

Hardwood Flooring, Carpet and Hard Surface Consultants and Slip, Trip & Fall Experts often play critically important roles in litigation and testifying at a deposition or trial. The more important or complex the matter, the more likely it is that one or more experts will be involved for each side.

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