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Expert Communications provides expert witness training tools and creates marketing plans, materials and websites for expert witnesses. EC provides customized marketing plans, consulting and coaching to individual experts and firms.


Expert Communications provides professional marketing services specifically designed for expert witnesses.
If you are a medical-legal expert, CPA/financial adviser, vocational rehabilitation counselor, forensic engineering expert, or expert in another field, we can help you get more clients and cases. Expert witnesses are experts at their own professions; they are not expected to be experts at marketing. We can coach you in doing your own marketing, or we can do it for you.

A few of the things we do:

Analyze your market position, competition, expression of your expertise, and current marketing efforts in light of what you want to achieve with your expert witness practice.

Reduce stress by eliminating potential vulnerability points in CV and other materials, website, and advertising.

Improve bottom line with retainer requirements and contracts, and collection procedures.

Increase revenue by analyzing competitors' rates and recommending appropriate fee increases.

Compose effective directory listings and advertising in the most effective on- and off-line options. Eliminate advertising that is not cost-effective and reduce your advertising budget.

Increase business to support employees and/or build an entity to sell.

Build out a prospect database of targeted attorneys specific to your expertise.

Design a website for you and/or make your existing website work for you.

Sharpen your image on and through social media; enhance your reputation.

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Expert Communications has been providing professional marketing services specifically designed for expert witnesses for two decades helping experts:

1) get more cases and increase their revenue by clearly articulating and expressing their particular strengths in their field

2) stop spending time chasing down money owed to them (a seemingly universal problem among expert witnesses) by setting up better engagement and other financial policies.

3) avoid 'shooting themselves in the foot' by bullet-proofing their CVs, website text, and advertising for statements that could be used against them in deposition and/or cross-examination.

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Articles Published by Expert Communications

 Getting the "Right" Cases

"How do I get more of the types of cases I prefer/like?" This was the question posed recently by an expert witness looking for help with his marketing. He wasn't just seeking more cases, but the specific type of cases he wanted to work on.

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 Your Phone Style: Asset or Liability?

In this day of virtual business transacting, telephone technique is important. Major business deals are initiated, developed, and consummated without the parties ever having met each other except by phone. Ongoing business relationships are sometimes maintained only by phone. Make no mistake -- we assess people's intelligence, manners, sincerity, business acumen, and other attributes through telephone conversations. And this is true especially for professional service providers.

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 How Much to Say in the Initial Inquiry Call

I understand an attorney wants to feel you out, so to speak, and there seems to be a fine line as to whether you give too much information or not enough. Is it common to just say "Yes, I believe I can help you" and just ask for the file to review, and then charge a fee? Is it common to just charge a fee to review the case file and then send a written general opinion on the case?

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 Getting the "Right" Cases: How do I get more of the types of cases I prefer/like?

This was the question posed to me recently by an expert witness looking for help with his marketing. He wasn't just seeking more cases, but the specific type of cases he wanted to work on.

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 Expert Pay Discussion

You May Enjoy Your Work, But Don't Work for the Fun of It — Make Sure You Get Paid!

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 Your Competitive Advantage

Who is your competition, and how do you compare? Considering that most cases requiring an expert witness involve at least two experts and our society shows no signs of becoming less litigious, competition should not be your primary concern in building an expert practice.

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 Publicity and Credibility Through Writing

When your expertise is publicized in articles and books, it does not look like advertising, it does not feel like advertising, but, delightfully, it works like advertising. Publicity is, in fact, the best promotional avenue after networking. Even better - it is usually free.

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 Who Said Experts Shouldn't Advertise?

In response to one of our recent emails to Expert News readers, we received an email saying, “I thought experts are not supposed to advertise, even through websites.”

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 Be a Better Expert Witness

We all set goals, whether formally or subconsciously, especially at the start of a new year, when we feel we can wipe the slate clean and start anew.

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 Should You Be Using a Referral Service?

Registering with a referral service is a valid marketing avenue for the expert just starting a litigation support practice. This is also a good choice for an experienced expert who has a narrow, or esoteric, field. An attorney is more likely to use a referral service for an unusual specialty than he is for a more common one.

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