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Our company is a private investigation independent firm dedicated to helping legal counsel, government, individuals and organizations in forensic examination and recovery of electronic data. In our sophisticated digital forensic lab, we secure, analyze, recover and investigate electronic data and eDiscovery. We assist in litigation, civil matters, domestic disputes and criminal investigations.

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Link Computer Forensics and Child Exploitation

How a computer forensics investigation firm can help with child exploitation cases. (Pt. 1) Child Exploitation cases are difficult for everyone involved. The alleged victims encounter a range of emotions. This type of accusation can destroy reputations and wreck havoc on all those involved. The nature of this accusation is intense.

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Link How Unallocated File Space Can Help Your Case

Technology has opened a door to a world of new ways of storing and obtaining important data. The internet, computers, cell phones, PDA’s and other electronic devices that have memory storage enable us to communicate and save information electronically. When this is done, the data is saved into the memory disk of the device.

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Link Preserving Digital Evidence

Are you properly preserving digital evidence for your case? If there’s anything important in the legal field, it’s the preservation of evidence. When it comes to digital evidence, also referred to as eEvidence, different procedures have to be used in order to capture and preserve it.

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