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Forensic Addiction & Psychiatric Services, LLC

Forensic Addiction & Psychiatric Services, LLC

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Dr. Shannon Miller is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine & Psychiatry; certified in Buprenorphine, and a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist with 20 years of clinical experience. Editor of major Addiction Medicine textbook. Highly experienced, clinically active. Both sides of the bar, criminal and civil, retained throughout the U.S. Court deemed expert in addiction medicine, psychiatry, drug testing, gambling addiction, nicotine, cough medicine, etc.


Forensic Addiction and Psychiatric Services, L.L.C. provides consultation to law forms on areas relating to alcohol and drug use as well as gambling.

Litigation Support Services

Dr. Miller provides forensic consulting services to the legal community on all issues relating to alcohol or drug use, addiction, all related behaviors (including gambling disorder), drug testing, addiction medicine, psychiatry, as well as the often intertwining legal issues.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Practice

All States

Professional Experience

- Past Editor, medical journal specializing in addiction medicine.
- Competence featured nationally and internationally: Dateline NBC News, U.S. News & World Report, Pravda
- Editor, major addiction medicine textbook
- Approximately 50 publications in medical journals, textbooks, and technical reports
- Multiple teaching awards in multiple settings


Licensed to practice medicine in the state of Ohio
Available internationally

Legal Experience & Services

- Qualified as an expert on a wide variety of issues
- Retained by prosecution, plaintiff and defense as an expert witness
- Provides free initial consultation


Distinguished Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine (DFASAM)
Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association (DFAPA)
Board Certified in Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, American Board of Preventative Medicine
SAMHSA/CSAT-authorized prescriber, Buprenorphine
National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice
Licensed, State of Ohio Medical Board

Awards & Honors

Multiple awards received in diverse areas of clinical acumen, teaching, research, service design/delivery, etc.


- Approximately 50 publications in medical field

Professional References

Throughout his career, Dr. Miller has remained significantly active in clinical practice. Dr. Miller is clinically experienced with detoxification, rehabilitation, dual-diagnosis, corrections, methadone maintenance, buprenorphine, chronic pain & addiction, drug testing, impaired providers, gambling addiction, and most all other areas of addiction medicine. He has earned numerous awards in teaching, leadership and clinical excellence.

Dr. Miller has 2 decades experience providing forensic consultation, depositions, and testimony to both sides of the bar, civil and criminal, throughout the USA and Europe on a wide array of topics relating to his court-recognized areas of expertise.

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