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Franchise Foundations, APC - Kevin B. Murphy, B.S., M.B.A., J.D.

4157 23rd Street
San Francisco, California 94114

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Kevin B. Murphy is an international franchise expert witness, San Francisco franchise attorney/lawyer, author and instructor. In franchise lawsuits and franchise litigation, Mr. Murphy's extensive knowledge of custom, practice and standard of care in the franchise industry coupled with his teaching skills, create a most favorable demeanor in franchise deposition and trial testimony. His experience as a past franchise owner in a successful home improvement franchise gives him a direct and balanced perspective.

Areas of Expertise

Articles Published by Franchise Foundations, APC - Kevin B. Murphy, B.S., M.B.A., J.D.

Link Buying a McDonalds Franchise - Obtaining the McDonalds FDD

The most successful franchise system in the world, McDonalds captures the minds and imaginations of a big sllice of humanity. How much does a McDonalds franchise cost? What kind of profits does a McDonalds generate? How does one buy a McDonalds franchise? This article provides the answers.

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Link Franchise Operations Manuals - Drafting Tips and Strategies by a Franchise Expert

Franchise operations manuals may seem daunting, especially for a company that has never written an operations manual before. Bewildered by the new business of franchising, with its legal requirements, franchise disclosure documents, operations manuals, training programs, etc., many companies delegate responsibility for writing their manual to a high-priced franchise consultant.

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Link Mr. Franchise Buys His First Franchise

For the last twenty-eight plus years, as a franchise attorney, author, instructor and recognized franchise expert, I’ve helped firms enter the franchise industry – each hoping to become the next “McDonalds” of their respective industries. Along the way, I've met and worked with an interesting group of entrepreneurial founders.

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Link Cost to Review Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)

You’re excited about buying a franchise and are ready to trade your briefcase for an ice cream scoop. The company’s told you it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, given an impressive tour of their headquarters and taken you to a couple of their operating outlets. When the day ended, they presented their FDD or Franchise Disclosure Document. The representative told you to read it and the contract couldn’t be signed for at least 14 days, Who do you use and what’s it going to cost?

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Link Buying a Franchise: How To Evaluate Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Investments

Buying a franchise represents a different approach to starting a business, a dream shared by millions. Having the independence that being your own boss brings, the security that no one can fire you, enjoying a good income - and for the most successful - the accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against a new small business making it big - or making it at all. An endless stream of problems makes competition from large, sophisticated chains too intense.

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Link Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) - Mission Accomplished?

Franchise Disclosure Documents are a good concept in theory. Unfortunately, reality plays a more important role and reveals an entirely different picture. Here are some of my observations, based on twenty-eight plus years of experience in the franchise industry as a franchise attorney, franchise expert and former franchise owner. During this time, I’ve drafted, reviewed and negotiated over 500 Franchise Disclosure Documents.

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Link How To Franchise A Business - Strategic Planning & Management of Franchise Systems

A company planning to franchise a business must realize it is entering a new business, offering an entirely different service (training & support) to entirely new customers (business owner-operators). This new business requires different skills, abilities and expertise. In the new business of franchising, it is critical to develop effective evaluation, documentation, training and consulting skills.

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Link Franchise Attorneys and Franchise Consultants - Critical Evaluation Questions To Ask

Evaluating franchise attorneys and evaluating franchise consultants can seem a daunting task. But the firm a company selects to assist its entry into franchising (or refining existing franchise efforts) will have profound consequences. While you can always ask for a list of "references" (and when is anyone ever dumb enough to provide a bad reference?) there are more objective criteria that are not dependent on selectively disseminated information.

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Link Franchising vs. Licensing a Business

The starting point in the franchising vs. licensing a business analysis is to consider the legal aspects, then the business aspects. In considering the legal aspects, begin with the following premise that applies to both options. If you put someone into business (or allow them to use your business name/mark) this transaction will normally be a regulated activity, subject to substantial penalties for noncompliance.

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