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GMR Consulting - Stuart J. Baxter

GMR Consulting - Stuart J. Baxter

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Expert Witness
Stuart Baxter provides employment expert witness services in high value claims involving termination, personal injury, medical malpractice, labor law disputes and divorce. He has been engaged by attorneys acting on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants and has given oral evidence in the US and UK.


GMR Consulting is an independent business providing strategic Human Resource solutions and employment expert witness services.

Our highly experienced team has a wealth of HR knowledge gained from operating in different businesses over many decades. We have a comprehensive understanding and experience of employment issues:

Executive Compensation
* Annual incentive bonus plans, structure and implementation
* Share option, deferred stock and phantom long term incentive schemes
* Salary benchmarking, reviewing competitor data
* Expatriate compensation regarding worldwide secondments
* International pension plans including defined benefit and defined contribution schemes
* Life assurance, permanent disability and medical scheme reviews
* Flexible benefits strategy

Strategic HR
* Board committees - appointments, remuneration and pension trustees
* Management restructuring - aligning roles and responsibilities
* Outsourced services - review of client needs and providers

Terms and Conditions of Employment
* HR policy aligned to the organization
* Individual contract negotiation including structuring offers of employment
* Performance management review
* Redundancy and severance policy design and implementation
* Integration of employment terms following corporate transactions

Expert Witness Services
* Career employment and remuneration reports for Plaintiff and Defendant lawyers
* Review of pre-claim employment history and remuneration
* Quantum analysis of prospective career path(s)
* Assessment of residual employment prospects and post-claim earnings
* Estimation of future earnings potential using salary survey data

Litigation Support Services

Engaged by attorneys acting on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, GMR Consulting provides the following litigation support services in high value claims involving termination, personal injury, medical malpractice and labor law disputes:

* Preparation of comprehensive employment reports
* Review of pre-claim employment and remuneration history
* Quantum analysis of prospective career path(s) and estimation of future earnings had the injury not occurred
* Assessment of residual employment prospects including earnings potential
* Expert witness testimony

Areas of Expertise


Stuart Baxter, Compensation and Employment Expert, has over 30 years of Human Resources experience based in the Financial Services Industry.

He has international Board level HR experience with knowledge of both local employment terms and expatriate arrangements. He is a specialist in Executive Compensation and Benefits strategies including benchmarking individual roles against comparators, has research expertise including total labor market analysis and is currently engaged in HR consultancy projects across a wide range of industries and occupations, utilizing an extensive network.

Stuart has an established international track record in preparing comprehensive employment reports and in giving oral testimony for high value employment, PI, medical malpractice and divorce claims.

Consulting Practice


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Professional Experience

Career employment and remuneration reports for PI, medical malpractice, corporate litigation, divorce and labor claims.
Expertise in high value cases, instructed by Plaintiff & Defendant.
Over 30 years HR experience based in Financial Services.

Legal Experience & Services

Oral testimony given in the USA and the UK.


DRI registered
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
The Academy of Experts
The Expert Witness Institute
Cardiff University Expert Witness Accreditation
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Expert
The Pensions Management Institute


Associate of The Institute of Financial Services
Affiliated Member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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 Employment Records

During recent years I have been asked to prepare career employment and compensation reports by attorneys acting on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Whilst carrying out these assignments, I have noticed in numerous cases that it has been a common feature for the plaintiff’s actual employment history and educational details to be incomplete.

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