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Haygoush Kalinian, PhD

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30320 Rancho Viejo Rd., Suite 5
San Juan Capistrano, California 92675

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ForensicNeuroPsych Consultant, Dr. Kalinian is specialized in forensic neuropsychological evaluation of adults. The focus of the evaluation concerns the presence or absence of brain dysfunction in head injury, seizure disorder, electrical injury, neurotoxin exposure (carbon monoxide, pesticides, solvents), neurological, emotional or psychiatric damage, and malingering

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Articles Published by Haygoush Kalinian, PhD

 Is There Evidence for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? A Case for the Expert Neuropsychologist

Traumatic brain injury occurs in many forms, ranging from a fall or blow to the head resulting in concussive injury, gun shot or other penetrating wounds or classic automobile or motorcycle impact. When there is impact to the head, the scalp, skull, the covering of the brain (meninges), and the brain itself are affected to some degree and respond to the insult differently. The manner, in which these various parts react, depends on many factors.

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