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iMajestic Internet Marketers is a Southern California based company operating internationally. Our sole focus is to create long-term relationships with companies who wish to leverage the unique reach of the Internet to increase visibility and achieve long term success. Since 2001, we have offered sound solutions and accountability to thousands of businesses. Our ability to forecast trends and adjust our position to leverage those changes is the core foundation of what iMajestic represents.

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Link Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) Ensures that Railroad Workers are Protected when Injured on the Job

The law firm of Gordon & Elias, LLP and lawyers have championed the causes of injured railroad employees that have been injured on the job, denied retirement benefits or refused disability benefits since 1995.

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Link Injured Offshore Workers Need More than Just the Jones Act to Protect Them

Legal firm Gordon & Eias, LLP specializes in representing employees of the maritime industry that have fallen victim to injuries due to the negligence of their employer, because of a fellow employee or because of a faulty piece of equipment in the course of work.

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Link Enforce the Jones Act and Stop Letting Foreign Vessels Work in the Gulf

You would think that in these days and times when Americans are suffering with economic difficulties and Government is spending money faster than they can print it, that the U.S. Government would be doing everything it could do to keep jobs for its citizens from letting jobs fly out the door to foreign concerns. You would think that, if there were jobs right here in the United States, the Government would at least try to keep those jobs from going to foreigners.

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Link Attorneys in Trouble of Closing Law Firms due to Bad Economy and Unresponsive Traditional Advertising Marketing

Smart attorneys understand the value of top Internet marketing and prefer a performance based online marketing service that is contingent upon results compared to more risky and costly upfront fee based SEO programs.

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Link Personal Injury Attorneys Go Viral for New Clients

Burbank, CA – Marketing and advertising for legal services has moved on to a new and exciting time where the mysterious results for how advertising dollars are spent are no longer a matter of speculation but one of absolute fact.

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Link Performance Based (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Services by iMajestic Rescue Attorneys from Losing Their Practice

iMajestic introduces Performance Based SEO/SEM Internet marketing that allows attorneys to capture quality clients by achieving results before investing money.

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