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Ispirian Computer Forensics is a Missouri professional investigative agency with specialization in computer technology and digital media; specifically, computer crime and computer misuse investigations, digital forensics, mobile phone and PDA forensics, data and password recovery, and secure disposa

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Articles Published by Ispirian Computer Forensics

 Admissible Evidence

Computer forensic techniques must ensure that data collected during electronic discovery can be used as evidence in a court of law.

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 What’s on Your iPod?

Portable media devices put companies at risk of data theft or loss.

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 Computer Forensics Specialist Is Able to Disprove a Claim Involving Improper Use of Data

As more and more business is conducted electronically, the legal community has become aware of the need to properly archive data that might be required as evidence in litigation. Computer forensics investigation certainly plays a key role in the electronic discovery process.

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 An Effective Electronic Use Policy, Combined with Computer Forensics, Can Help Prevent Employee Misconduct

Organizations purchase computers and other electronic equipment to increase productivity and improve customer service — but that doesn’t mean that’s all the equipment is used for. Employees tend to assume a degree of “ownership” of the devices on their desktops, and use them to some extent for personal reasons.

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 Following Procedure

Rules change is forcing organizations to establish processes for archiving, retrieving and handling data for evidentiary purposes.

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